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Joe (the first person to actually post comments on this blog) pointed me to an excellent ABA fan message board. There is a good thread on the Rainmen there, complete with plenty of pictures.  The board has lots of info on other teams as well as some owners posting on it.  The owner of the Corning Bulldogs, whom Halifax play two home games against in the new year, seems like a total jackass.

It’s also worth noting that the sentiment on the message board is that

a) Halifax seem to be one of the better run franchises already

b) That the league is a “circus,” that the ABA is a scam, and that it will be a surprise if it exists come the new year… I don’t know enough to judge these comments, but my fear isn’t that the team will screw fans over, but that the league will. A big part of me feels like that is still keeping some people away (Hell, my dad played college basketball and used to go see CBA games in Toronto during the 80s, but he didn’t bother buying tickets for the first game because the league is so sketchy).


2 thoughts on “ABA Message Board

  1. Just to note a few things:

    -Take everything you read with a grain of salt. Besides current members of ABA franchises, there are also fomer owners, managers and players on that board who have either been burnt by a team or simply failed themselves. There are possibly members who post that are members of competeing leagues, as well as those who post from the ABA office under veiled computer handles. It’s happened before. It’s obviously not all objective.
    -Minor league basketball as a whole is sketchy. It’s not unheard of in ANY league to have under 1000 fans at a game.
    -While there are many legit sources from that board, there is also a lot of hearsay as well. Many have been predicting the end of the league since I started following the board. Yet, it still sticks around.
    -Halifax is in a solid division. Quebec, Montreal, Manchester and especially Vermont are solid organizations. Strong Island is also on steady footing.

    Despite all the obvious problems with the ABA I truely believe in the Rainmen organization, I think they are prepared and know the road ahead. They have shown they can put a product on the floor that’s really top of the line in minor league hoops. We will see what happens.

    Great work on the blog.

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