Halifax lose to Vermont 130 – 84

What a mess.  Some thoughts:

– Halifax has talent – lots and lots of talent. They also have some fast and agile players. But we do not play well as a team. The offense does not seem well organized, the defensive switches are sketchy at best (particularly off screens), no one boxes out and deadball situations never seem to have real plays. Richard is the only one with a concept of team defense. Against not-so-good teams, like Boston, we can get away with it. Against the elite teams we will just get blown out. There is no excuse for this, they had a longer training camp than any other team, and due to a lack of work permits most of our American players (and coach) are only playing basketball – they should be working on this constantly. I am beginning to think that while Coach Lewis is a very good trainer, he may not be the best Xs and Os guy. I think he’s like Coach Norman Dale – all we need is for a drunk Dennis Hopper (is there any other type of Dennis Hopper?) to show up and gives us some tactical advice and scouting reports.

– Akingbade and Konare destroyed Halifax. We can’t match up with a strong frontcourt. Rebounding is a big problem for us. We give up way too many offensive boards.  This is a combination of a lack of big, strong guys, and a total lack of organization on defense.  When the shot goes up everyone is already out of position so boxing out is impossible.

– Brian Silverhorn had 15 and was our top scorer.  All of his points were in the first half.

– Halifax are a jump shooting team. If they can’t hit jump shots they can’t win. (and if the other team is hitting jump shots, or getting offensive boards off rebounds, we can’t run on them).

– Kadiri Richard is awesome but he’s too small to play power forward against good teams. He’s a “tweener” – too small for power forward but not offensively skilled enough for the three. But his length and athleticism make him a great help defender and his experience has made him a very good decision maker. Unfortunately he gets in foul trouble because he challenges so many drives which result from other player just getting beaten off the dribble or failing to track a man off the ball. Since we are such a weak rebounding team, it also hurts us that his shot blocking also puts him out of position to rebound.

– Riley played almost the whole second half at point guard (sometimes him and Anderson were in the backcourt together). This shouldn’t have happened – he is our third best point guard and should not be getting this much burn. He is a poor decision maker and a defensive liability due to his height.  Anderson is our best, most experienced player.  He needs to be running the point for us.  Any excuse about him not knowing our system since he missed training camp is bullshit – we have no system to learn.  (Besides, he can toss alley-oop passes with his eyes closed – and that seems to be our only consistant play in the half court set)  This is absurd.

– We are in the toughest division in the league (we are also in the division with the most reliable franchises, thank God). The division also has some serious size which is going to kill us.

– Why the hell is Halifax flying to games?  This is the ABA.

– The ABA has a rule where a 13th player can play as a PR stunt. With a minute left, the Frost Heaves put in a random YMCA player who played high school ball years ago, looks like he was a bank teller or something. Anyway, he got to the line four times (once off of a drive, once from a post up) and scored two points. This is how bad our interior defense is.

– We are not one of the league’s elite teams.


2 thoughts on “Halifax lose to Vermont 130 – 84

  1. I don’t have a problem with Halifax flying to road games. They want to go big and treat this like a major league. If they think it’s feasible then all the power to them. BUT, that’s if they actually bring all their players! You can’t have players how only play at home. How are they supposed to work within the team? The Rainmen organization needs to get called out on that, if it’s true.

    Halifax looked unorganized. Like you said this team has had too much time together to look like a rec team.

  2. I do think that it is overkill to fly to games – not even NBDL teams fly for games. It just hurts the long term financial stability of the club to be dropping that much cash on flights 18 times a year. I also think that there is some value in long roadtrips when it comes to team building – that said, we are much farther away from most opponents than other teams are.

    I don’t know for a fact that Wigginton Downey didn’t travel with the team, but he got zero minutes in either game and I didn’t see him on the bench during the Vermont game. I know that when he was first signed/before he was signed there was talk of him being on the home roster only. I am going to try to figure this out.

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