Halifax Loses to Manchester 124-99

The Daily News’ website is reporting that Halifax lost its first road game 124-99 in Manchester, NH.  The Millrats, a team that hopes to jump to the NBDL in a few years as the Celtic’s D-league feeder franchise, extended a 5 point half time lead into a 35 point blow out.

The Millrats’ website doesn’t have box scores up for Halifax, but they do have Manchester’s stats up (Halifax also only puts up home team stats…it’s annoying).  The Daily News reports that Devino Williams scored 26 for Halifax while Eichelberger had 20, and Silverhorn was kept to just 13.  It looks like a rough third quarter did Halifax in.

They did beat the defending ABA champions, the Vermont Frost Heaves 97-92 in the preseason, so it’s not like Halifax lost to a team of scrubs.  (Halifax takes on Vermont tonight.  Slam Magazine’s website has referred to them as the “Yankees of the ABA“)

All accounts suggest that Manchester has its act together and between Vermont and the Millrats we will atleast know that some of our division rivals will show up in Halifax for a game.  They’ll also give us a hell of a hard go, and I’d rather lose some good games than win some bad ones (or not have them played at all).


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