Millrats aim is to join D-League

A comment I made in passing in a previous post sparked a thread over at the OurSports ABA messageboard.  So, as an aspiring historian, I figured I had better source it:

Once the Millrats establish a fan base, they’re aiming to move into the Verizon Wireless Arena and apply for membership to the NBA Development League. The Boston Celtics, hopefully, would be become the parent club.

Manchester General Manager Ian McCarthy said he already talked with Celtics Director of Player Development Michael Crotty, who “loved the idea,” according to McCarthy.

Personally, I think Halifax should follow suit if the team has a good year.  Ideally I’d like to see us become the Raptors’ minor league club, but I see almost no hope in hell of that happening.  I’d also love to see the North East franchises that are stable (Vermont, Quebec, etc.) form a league with short travel times and less sketchy midwest/west coast clubs.  I think that starting a league/barnstorming circuit which is regionally based to reduce travel times makes more sense than a pan-Canadian league.  Pan-Canadian anything (including… well… the nation of Canada) tend to have a hard time staying afloat due to distance, cultural differences and regionalism.

Edit:  Me linking to that article bumped it up four spots in the google search results for “Manchester Millrats”… two spots above the team’s official website.


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