More info on loss to Manchester

I need to go out and eat dim sum, but some quick updates:

1)  Nice recap written by the New Hampshire Mill Rats on their website. Obviously it’s not a neutral account of the game.

2) Phil Croucher at the Daily News has a decent length article in today’s paper.  It’s available online.

3) Coach Lewis complained about a lack of balanced officiating to the Daily News.  Welcome to minor league basketball.

4)  Appearently they got run off the offensive boards (NH had 22 offensive rebounds) and 6’11 Souleyman Wane of the Millrats did some damage in the post – two things that I definately saw coming.  The Rainmen are just undersized, but they’re built to score.  (Unfortunately, that’s not enough)

5) 250 fans were at the game.  It was played in the Fieldhouse at Southern New Hampshire University which has a capacity of 2,200.  250 is not all that low for the ABA, and is probably about what they need to break even on a nightly basis.

6) The Rainmen flew to New Hampshire… what the hell are they thinking?  It’s the friggin’ ABA.  This is the reason why they need way too big of a crowd to break even.  Sometimes Andre Livingston seems like he’s trying to be too professional.

7)  The Rainmen’s boxscore is up now.  Game looks like it was ugly for Halifax.  Strangely enough they didn’t shoot that poorly overall – 45% from the field. (They shot 48% in their blow out of Boston)  They did shoot terribly from behind the arc, though – 26%.  They hit 2 of 16 three point shots in the second half, which makes you wonder why the kept just jacking them up if they weren’t feeling it.


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