Vermont vs. Halifax third quarter observations

– Hardy Riley got ruined trying to defend in the post.  Just decimated by the taller Vermont PGs.

– There are a fair number of empty seats in a small-ish gym.

– Halifax just keeps jacking up threes.  And Riley just keeps driving and getting stuffed/having to alter his shot.  I don’t know why he’s still running the point when we have Benoit and ANDERSON.

– The Vermont announcers were not impressed with Halifax

– Vermont are penetrating at will against Halifax.  Halifax is very, very suspect when it comes to guarding peoplepeople cutting without the ball.  They seem to lose men constantly and don’t notice they’re there until the ball is already in the hoop.  There is no excuse for this considering how long the Rainmen have been training.  It’s like my rec league team on our opening night before we started playing zone.

– Vermont can shoot threes.  Good god, can they ever shoot threes.

-17 first half turnovers and a bunch more in the third.

– Silverhorn is sitting on the bench with five fouls.  I don’t understand why he isn’t in – who cares if they get an extra free throw if he fouls?  We have no offense.

– Issa Konare, the 6’8 powerforard for Vermont, has 25+ points.  He’s driving, rebounding and dropping threes on us.  His athleticism is just killing us.  He’s too strong and too fast.

-This is embarrassing.


4 thoughts on “Vermont vs. Halifax third quarter observations

  1. Why haven’t we played Derico Wigginton? The game was over in the 2nd quater, why not give him some garbage time to gain experince?

  2. I don’t think that Wiggington traveled for the game. I can’t believe how absurd it is that Halifax is flying down for these games.

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