Media Coverage of Vermont Game

The Daily News has a recap of the game.  It’s really just scores and a few comments from Coach Lewis, I don’t think the reporter watched the game.  The Herald’s coverage is similar, only without the interview.  I am concerned that people may see these results and not show up for home games since neither paper is providing context – like how Vermont are reigning champions.  I also don’t think people realize how hard a first roadtrip is for any sports team.

 Chad Lucas, the Herald’s excellent hoops writer, has a blog on local basketball.  He talks a bit about how bad the “13th Player” rule is, but fails to point out how embarassing it is that the guy actually scored on us.  Twice.

You can watch streaming video of the whole game here.  Or download a audio podcast of the whole game here.  The video is of shockingly good quality.


4 thoughts on “Media Coverage of Vermont Game

  1. You might not be saying that if you were the 13th man on the floor which I wouldn’t turn down if they asked me. However, I think it is a dumb rule and goes against them trying to establish as a ligitiment league. But I would still do it if they asked me.

  2. The sad thing is Vermont lead the league in attendance last year, after Rochester left the league. Rochester was very similar to Halifax.

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