On ABA Franchises and Lawn Chairs

It looks like Anderson, Rochester (MN) and San Francisco have all had their ABA franchises call it quits.  The ABA suspended the LA Push (which is disapointing since they allegedly had a very good team made up of LA streetballers – a idea for a team that could probably draw fairly well) because of an inability to get production and front office stuff in order.

I would expect a half dozen more teams to fold within the month by the sounds of things.  Fortunately, it seems like the north east is doing okay.  I fully expect Quebec, Vermont, Manchester, and Westchester (owned by Elton Brand’s mom and brother) to play in Halifax.  Although I don’t know much about Strong Island, they’re in their third year and the owner seems to know what he’s doing.  I am not convinced that Corning will be able to stay afloat long enough to make the trip here, and Montreal I know nothing about.  Boston, I still am not sure about. The  First State Fusion are another team I know nothing about, but at least they’ve played all their games thus far.


One thought on “On ABA Franchises and Lawn Chairs

  1. Strong Island is owned by Daniel Cioffi (or something like that), he works in the ABA head office. They will show.

    Montreal seems fine; they don’t have to travel THAT far. They will be here.

    Corning’s owner is an ass clown. But, I think he will show. He’s got too much pride to fold during the season. Either that or he is too stupid.

    Boston wouldn’t surprise me if they folded, although supposedly they have a stronger team than we saw in Halifax. Allegedly their starting five that didn’t show in Halifax. (don’t quote me on that.)

    I know NOTHING about First State.

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