Opening Game videos

Here are some videos I found of opening night. They’re not great, but they’re something.

The first one is of the opening sequence (which I missed since I got there late). It looks professional. The stands are sort of empty because it started around 7:00 (tickets said 7:15, tip off was actually at 7:30). You need to be a facebook member with the video application to view it. I don’t know why anyone hosts video on facebook.

The second video is of a random play in the middle of the game. The angle makes the Metrocentre look empty – everyone is on either side of the court, concentrated on the centre. I wish someone would have gotten the block-outlet-alleyoop sequence on video.

The third one is a series of clips from the Daily News website. The Daily News is definately providing the best coverage of the Rainmen thus far and this clip doesn’t tell you much about the game but has some nice crowd shots.

The fourth is another collection of clips taken from the floor seats behind one of the baskets. Lots of random basketball moments. There is also the second funniest moment in the game (the first was when I finally managed to get a Boston player to react to the heckling by swearing at us and then going on the court and missing a wide open dunk). The Weather Girls dance team went onto the floor a sold 20 seconds late (despite the guy in charge begging them to get out, then yelling, and then physically pushing some of them out) leading them to finish their dance well after the time out has ended and the players are already lined up for a free throw. It was awkward as all hell in person. The dancing sequence starts at 3:00 in the video, but you miss the poor Production Manager’s attempts to get the girls onto the court.

The final video which I found of the home opener is shot from the sky box. It’s of the final minutes of the game. All I can say is that real sports fans don’t watch games in sky boxes – you can’t see anything. (Are we the only ABA team with sky boxes? Wouldn’t shock me.)


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