Preview of Home Games Against Manchester

Right now the Manchester Millrats are probably somewhere in New England, driving to Halifax.  They beat the snot out of Halifax on Saturday, and Halifax is going to do its best not to get embarrassed in front of the home town crowd.

The three key guys for Manchester:

Souleyman Wane (UConn – Div. 1 powerhouse) – He’s a 6’11 centre with 11 blocks in three games.  He’s also averaging 18.3 points and 12 boards per game so far this season.  He’s shooting 74% from the field and 83% from the line.  Talk guys who play for Senegal’s national team give Halifax problems:  Wane and Issa Konare of Vermont decimated the Rainmen over the weekend.

John Huggins – Manchester’s leading scorer and starting SG.  He’s a good scorer, but he needs 18 shots and 34 minutes a game to average his 23.7 points.  He gives them a good outside scorer who can create his own shot. 

Rob Sanders (Providence College – Div. 1) – Was a first team all ABA player last year, and is considered one of the best minor basketball league players in America.  He can play the 3 or the 4 and is one of the best all around offensive players in the league, although he’s not a particularly great 3 point shooter (he’s still good at 33% on the season).  His athleticism and height will cause serious problems for Halifax again this weekend.

Halifax will have to contain these three guys as well as PG Caro Ismael who had his best game of the season against Halifax in Manchester.  The Millrats beat Vermont in a pre-season game, so they’re a legitimate contender for best team in the league.  They did, however, lose to Quebec on the road on the weekend so they may have some trouble on the road. 

Halifax will need big games from Crookshank, Oliver and Eichelberger and the whole team will need to make good decisions with the ball.  We should get our first look at 6’8 forward James Booyer and hopefully he can provide some defence.  I am hoping that Rick Lewis starts Jermaine Anderson, PG play during the road trip was really weak.


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