Rainmen lose to Manchester 124-106

Tough loss. It was a bit out of hand but Halifax closed the gap late in the fourth, Manchester threw their starting PG in and retook control. Quick thoughts:

– The Weather Girls have the exact same number of plays as the Rainmen – three. I already know what all three of those plays are move by move, and most of the steps to the dances (it’s a lot of clapping your hands and gyrating).

– Kadiri Richard did not play, despite Silverhorn getting in early foul trouble. I had thought that maybe he’s injured, but I learned after the game that it was a coach’s decision to sit him on the bench. That is insane. We got run off the boards and had no help defense at all on penetration: exactly what Richard brings to the table. Plus our starting SF was in foul trouble. What a questionable coaching decision. (Derico Wiggington warmed up but also did not play, and James Booyer was on the bench in street clothes).

– Attendance was probably in the 1000 – 1200 range. Not bad at all but probably below the break even. I think the crowd will be bigger on Friday when it’s not a school night. Programs also increased in price from $1 to $2. The crowd had good energy.

– Every time on defense the announcer/DJ does not need to pump in pre-recorded “D-FENSE” chants. Let the fans choose when to be loud, don’t drown them out (there were times where a chant started organically from the crowd and then was thrown off by the recording).

– Jermaine Anderson is really, really good and needs to start. The offense was much better and more organized with him in the game. Other teams seem to have identified us as a team that can’t deal with pressure.

See you all tomorrow at the game.


4 thoughts on “Rainmen lose to Manchester 124-106

  1. Richard should be starting for your team. He’s one of the few who plays defense.

    Richard, Crookshanks, Silverhorn, Williams and Anderson probably make up your best 5 I think. Just my opinion.

  2. I like this starting line up but against smaller teams becasue Richard can’t body up against a guy who is 6’10 and get away with it. he needs to be up against a SF and then slide over on help to block shots.

  3. While I think this might be true against a BIG team like the Millrats, I think that he could do it against most other ABA teams. The Rainmen need him on the defensive end. Do you have another player who could do a better job against these bigger players? Eichelberger doesn’t seem to be the answer.

  4. Kadiri can definitely play agaist 6’10” players. I put him in the paint with just about anyone. Until they score or rebound on him consistently, there’s no other choice. His defense can change the whole outcome of a game.

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