Starting Lineup for Tonight

There are a few options that the Rainmen could go with this Thursday:

– They could start all the Atlantic Canadian guys again just to please the homers in the audience. But I think that doing it during the home opener is enough and they realize that winning this game will draw more fans than losing it.

– They could go with the line up they used on the road:

PG – Benoite
SG – Blandon Ferguson
SF – Silverhorn
PF – Eichelberger
C -Crookshank

Of course, that line up got blown out twice.

– I’d like to see them do this:

PG – Anderson
SG – Williams
SF – Silverhorn
PF – Oliver
C – Crookshank

Then bring Benoite off the bench at the PG when we need defense/ball handling, and Riley in when we need energy/scoring on the full court offense. Eichelberger as the first big man off the bench, with Kadiri Richard coming in at the 3 from the bench (and moving Silverhorn to SG).

Having Richard at the 3 allows him to provide help defense against Manchester’s bigs – he is a good shotblocker off the ball, but he gets in foul trouble bodying up against other big men. Silverhorn alsowould cause match up problems for John Huggins, Manchester’s starting two guard. He’s only 6’2 and is a jump shooter. Silverhorn can easily shoot over him, and Huggins doesn’t penetrate, meaning that Silverhorn’s lack of speed won’t be as big of defensive liability (plus it forces Huggins to shoot over him).

The main thing here is that Jermaine Anderson needs to start. He is the best player on the team and definately our best point guard. And we need his decision making at the point to keep things running smoothly. The number of turn overs we had against Vermont, particularly early in the game, killed us.

However, my gut says that the local guys all start and then Rick Lewis decides to try to go(even) small(er) and run against the Millrats… which may or may not work.
See you at the game!


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