Halifax Lose to Manchester 121-112

Sorry that this is being updated late, but I had to go to work after the game. I’ll update using the ever popular bullet point form:

– Kadiri Richard started and played 40+ minutes last night. The boxscores on the Rainmen website do no include minutes played anymore. He was a big part of why the game was closer. He put up six blocks, including one on 6’11 Wane, but he also had nine points and didn’t miss a shot (4-4 from the field, 1-1 from the line). He also altered shots and played tough D on Sanders. His shot blocking really lets the Rainmen run the floor, I hope Lewis keeps giving him time.

– Halifax came out with much more energy and focus early, but the late second/early third quarter killed us. Part of the reason that we got so far behind is that Lewis kept his starters in for virtually the whole game until the fourth.

– Halifax’s pre-game introduction is way too long. The whole thing last thirteen minutes, and by the time the starting line up for Halifax is announced everyone is bored and just wants to see some basketball.

– Manchester shot really, really well all weekend. They were

– The crowd was okay again tonight. I would say it was about 1700. The thing that gets me is that on opening night there were probably 600+ people there just for Derico Wiggington Downey – all chanting his name, tons sitting courtside in their dope-as-fuck suits and cheering as soon as he did anything. Well where the hell are you now? Showing up opening night is not supporting him and the team – showing up every night is. Is it because we’re losing? Because he isn’t getting playing time? Because it was cool to play big-shot in courtside seats once, but now you’re bored? Fair weather fans.

– The Rainmen adjusted and played a 1-3-1 zone that caused lots of headaches for Manchester early on, but they figured out how to break it during their run in the middle of the game and the Rainmen stuck with it. I felt like they should have switched into man for that stretch when Manchester were shooting the lights out. Oh well.

– Me and my buddy’s heckling has been getting some recognition from the media. The Daily News mentioned some of my pre-game heckling during the introductions in their article. Chad Lucas’ excellent blog on the Herald website mentions the fact that we believe that Rob Sanders is a jerk. I am always impressed with how much crap the people who sit around us put up with.

– Rob Sanders is a jerk.


5 thoughts on “Halifax Lose to Manchester 121-112

  1. COnsidering it is done court side by one guy on the computer for the whole game it might be tough but he could write down when guys go in and figure it out later.

  2. Totally Insane not to give Kadiri any minutes. He brings to much to the table, especially on Defense and creating tempo. Cmon coach he’s worth atleast 7 minutes in any game. He’s got to be the biggest firecracker on the team

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