Quick Update

My laptop is broken (right before the finals crunch begins… great timing) so expect updates to slow down. I will try to put together a preview/scouting report on the Strong Island Strong Island SOUND before Wednesdays game.

Two quick thoughts:

1) I have had 3 people visit this site from google after searching “Rob Sanders Rainmen Blog”. hmmmm….

2) Why does a team (Halifax) which is committed to running and playing an uptempo game not have a respectable full court press? Particularly in a league with crazy ass rules which reward teams who press? (7 seconds to get it over half court, the 3D christmas lights) In late game situations someone on the floor will start yelling “PRESS! PRESS!! And two or three guys will try to go full court man to man. The other two will forget and stand around in their zone on the other side of the court. The worst part is that they don’t even attempt to trap, even when someone is pinned between the sideline and the halfway line, is powerforward, and has picked up their dribble. The level of disorganization that the Rainmen sometimes show on the court really shocks me considering how long they’ve been practicing together.


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