Crazy ABA Rules


I want to go to bed, but I am watching the Steelers play the Dolphins and there is a good chance I may see the first game since 1943 that finishes regulation time without a score. 

So here is a random thought about ABA rules since a few of my friends who went to the game on Friday asked about the 3D rule:

The 3D rule works like this:

If a team turns the ball over before having posession in the front court (picked off pass, ball tossed out of bounds, steal, etc.) then the christmas lights behind the backboard are turned on and the 3D rule is in effect.

If the team which now has posession scores you add an extra point to the score. If the player is fouled then they get an extra free throw. The 3D light goes off if the team loses posession or scores.

Other crazy rules:
half court shots are worth 4 points.
Players don’t foul out. Instead, when a player gets a sixth foul they can still play. But if they foul again the other team gets an extra free throw AND they get posession of the ball after the free throws.

So theoretically the following could happen:
Team A throws a pass from the backcourt which is picked off by team B in team B’s backcourt (3D light is on)
Team B shoot from their own half and score (4 pointer plus the 3D rule = 5 points)
Team A fouled Team B on the shot and the player who fouled had six fouls, so team B gets two shots (1 for the normal foul, plus 1 for the sixth foul rule)
Team B hits both shots (7 points)
Team B now gets possesion of the ball.

7 point play, plus posession of the ball… so this is basically slam ball.


4 thoughts on “Crazy ABA Rules

  1. No knocking Slamball I had fun watching that it was more funny then a sport but still very athletic but it would be something I would want to try.

  2. Team B shoot from their OWN HALF and score (4 pointer plus the 3D rule = 5 points)

    That would be a back court violation. It’s not possible.

  3. Joe, it is possible. If team A turn the ball over by passing from the backcourt into the frontcourt (where it is picked off by B, in their own backcourt) before A establishes posession in the front court then the 3D light goes on. The lights go on if the team team turns it over before establishing posession in the front court, so merely lobbing the ball across the halfway line is not enough to keep the lights from going on.

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