No time for a preview (Strong Island)

Chris Kallan at the Daily News wrote a piece on Devino Williams in this morning’s issue.  Looks like Williams decided to play here instead of the NCAA in order to get to the NBA sooner… yikes!  I really enjoy Rainmen games, but I am not going to kid myself into thinking that anyone here is going to leapfrog into the NBA.  At best I see the ABA as a good place for injured euro league players to rehab close to home.  It also appears that Williams played at a junior college for half a year before leaving the team – my guess is that he may have been ruled academically ineligable and decided to turn semi-pro.  But I have no research to back it up – just a guess… which is why I write a blog, and not for a newspaper.

 Chad Lucas continues to be the best basketball writer in Halifax with this article on the cluster-fuck that is the ABA.  It looks like VP Operations Brad Hester is trying to slow things down and stablize the league.  Bravo to that.    Hester is shockingly honest about a number of things, including being critical of Joe Newman (ABA owner/CEO/founder), which is kind of surprising.

 The game starts in an hour, the Daily News article has a few details about the fame but some fast thoughts:

– I have a cold so expect less heckling.

– I am showing up late because I hate the way too long introduction at the begining of the game.  It makes me less excited about the game.

– The Rainmen have injury woes.

– The Sound split time pretty equally among players and seem to share the scoring load… should be interesting to see how the game goes.


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