Future Opponents Fold

Well it’s official, despite (or perhaps because of) their self proclaimed “owner savant,” the Corning Bulldogs have thrown in the towel.  This would be funny except for the fact that Halifax had three games scheduled against them, including two at home.

 This is bad, even if the team does line up new opponents it’s ammunition for the naysayers in Halifax who are looking for an excuse to talk shit on the organization.  It doesn’t matter what the team does right (and off the court, I think they’ve done almost everything right) the over all sketchiness of the league may kill the team.

Corning were supposed to play in Halifax Jan. 9 and 10.  There are internet rumours that the Westchester Phantoms, Halifax opponents on May 13 and 14 in Halifax, are close to folding but they played last night against Vermont.  Despite being owned by the mother of Elton Brand, they don’t have a website up right now.

The First State Fusion (supposed to be in town Feb. 27 and 28) were supposed to play tonight, but their opponents, the Syracuse Raging Bullz, folded recently recently cancelled a home game, so who knows what’s going on there?  There have been rumours about their demise also swirling on ABA Shit Talk Central , but that message board is just a giant rumour mill.  But, the Fusion’s website is currently offline, so it’s not looking good for them.  Oh Deleware, I want to like you – I even want to do my PhD at your university… but you’re making it so easy for me to hate you.

As much as I found the idiot owner of the Corndogs to be entertaining online, I think that this is an immense act of douchebaggery – he’s screwing over sponsors (though they had few), season ticket holders in Corning (I doubt there were any), the players (who were allegedly quite good), and the other teams in the league.  If you decide to do something like run a pro-basketball team then you better follow through.  Quitting this far into the game is just selfish.

 On the plus side, maybe we can sign one of their players.  I am sure they have someone who can rebound.

edit:  OurSportsCentral has a pretty decent tally of who is in and who is out of the league right now.  Even conservative estimates suggest that less than a month into the schedule 50% of the announced teams have dropped out.  Luckily, the North East is still somewhat okay.  Andre Livingston needs to get on the phone and talk to the other owners in the NE and work something out.


2 thoughts on “Future Opponents Fold

  1. Wow.

    I really feel the ABA has hurt the Rainmen. If they were a part of the NBDL they would have had instant credibility versus instant skepticism with the ABA.

    That being said, there is no other league that would have considered Halifax as a market.

    I really hope the Rainmen survive this first year, I feel a lot of sympathy for them. They are doing things the right way.

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