Rainmen Crack Local Papers’ Top Ten in 2007 Lists

Since the Rainmen are the only pro sports team in town, it’s not surprising that both the Daily News and the Herald put the Rainmen in their top ten sports stories of 2007 lists.

 The Daily News points out the obvious:  good team. Bad league. Where are the fans? This is goodbasketball.  I couldn’t find yesterday’s Herald story online, but it’s more of the same.  Unless I am imagining things, and no such story actually existed.  Who knows?

Today the Herald is already looking ahead to 2008 and describe the ABA as “whacky league.”  A bit of an understatement.


Rainmen lose to Montreal, 122-105

Bummer.  There are no articles posted yet and no boxscore up on the website, so we’ll have to settle for Lucas’ brief report on his blog.  So the winning streak has ended, but it’s still been five wins in seven games which is great.  It is worth noting that home court advantage is huge in this league – particularly with teams traveling with skeleton crews and teams still adjusting to playing on the road.  Revenge comes on the 6th.

And as a bonus we now know that  Montreal has not folded.

Richard needs a nick name

In his latest blog entry Chad Lucas laments Kadiri Richard’s lack of a good nickname.

Kadiri Richard blocked six more shots tonight. Somebody needs to make him up a good nickname. “KD” is alright, but it’s not all that creative.

I feel that we, as a group, need to come up with this nickname.  The gauntlet has been thrown down by Mr. Lucas and we must respond.

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Rainmen Defeat Quebec 116-108

I hope everyone has had a good Christmas!  I’ve taken a break from updating to spend time with my parents, drive my sister to the Dome, and read the new Pynchon book.  I assume everyone else has done the same since traffic has been way down over the last three days – the 25th and the 26th are the first days in December where I’ve clocked fewer than 100 hits.

I still haven’t been able to find any results from the away game in Quebec City tonight.  If anyone comes across the score, please let me know.

Chad Lucas is reporting that Halifax beat the Kebs 116-108 in what sounds like it was a very chippy game.  It’s understandable that guys were out of form since I am sure most of them went on very brief vacations to see their families and then flew into Quebec.  I am more than happy with ugly wins, they’re better than ugly loses.

They play the Royal tomorrow in Montreal, and the have a big layoff before playing Montreal again at home.  Just as I had predicted, they’re on route to getting back to .500.  But they’re doing it even faster than I had expected (knock on wood).

Boston Beats Manchester

I try not to talk too much about games that aren’t directly related to the Rainmen, but I found this to be pretty interesting:  the Blizzard beat the Millrats 130-127 last night.  This is Manchester’s third loss in a row and their next game is against Quebec, in QC.  The Kebs have beaten them twice this season.  Then on Sunday they play Vermont.  2007 may end with Manchester losing five in a row, and Halifax winning five in a row.  Kind of crazy.

The other thing worth looking at is that all three of Boston’s top scorers against Manchester did not play in Halifax.

Halifax Defeat Boston, 150-104

Another ugly game where most of the fun was between the bench and the fans.  But some guys who don’t get a lot of time got some more time.  As always, the box score is up right after the game.  And as always, my thoughts after the jump.  (look at me!  Using blogger lingo!)

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Preview: Boston vs. Halifax

– This game is going to suck.

Manchester Seriously Pursuing D-League Membership

It goes without saying that the solid teams in the ABA are all looking for a way out before the 2008-2009 season begins (if it begins).  I still think that in a perfect world the north eastern teams would all join the NBA-DL, and I talked about Manchester’s d-league dreams a few weeks ago.

 The New Hampshire Union Leader is reporting that they’re seriously looking into membership for as soon as next year.  (On an unrelated note:  how awesome is it that the NH paper is called the Union Leader?)  There are three things I found interesting in the article:

  • Initial league fees for the D-league are about $1 000 000
  • Manchester are only drawing about 300 fans
  • The have an owner who made his fortune on wall street and retired at 32.

“Welcome to the ABA. Where amazing happens, but not necessarily in a good way.”

Chad Lucas is starting to get better at this whole blogging thing.  Sometimes he can’t shake the whole “real journalist” thing, and the tone is a bit too matter of fact.  But he’s letting his opinions and personality slip in a bit more every post and his recap of last night’s game is nothing short of hilarious:

Don’t get excited about the 159 points: this one was just ugly. With the exception of a few minutes in the third quarter, Boston looked and played like a scrimmage team thrown together at the YMCA. They travelled with just seven players (one of whom only played three minutes) and no coaches. Injured player Kareem Horton coached the team from the bench in street clothes. He told me after the game that the team’s staff was back in Boston working on securing a new home court. Which is apparently a more pressing matter than actual games.

I’m a little confused as to whether the Blizzard still have coaches, though. A man named Manu Sharma coached them in their season-opening loss to Halifax on Nov. 15, and he used to be listed on their website as coach… but when I checked tonight, Horton is now listed as the coach (and a player too) with Derron Greaves as his assistant. Greaves is also a player, and logged three minutes tonight. Oh, and Boston was short-staffed because three players weren’t allowed across the border.

Welcome to the ABA. Where amazing happens, but not necessarily in a good way.

Halifax Defeat Boston, 159-118

  Yikes!  What an ugly game! The boxscore is here and my thoughts after the jump:

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