Nov. 28 box score finally up (plus newspaper links)

I don’t know how accurate it is, but three quick thoughts on it:

– I think the score keeper missed a foul on Wiggington-Downey… but look at how brutal his statline is.  0-1 shooting, no assists, no boards, three turn overs in six minutes.  The six minutes when momentum swung.  My guess is that the low turnout led Livingston to lean on the coaching staff to get him in the game, but it was still way too early.  His stats also don’t show just how out of place he looked when he got out there.  (Peter Benoit did not fair much better)

– 17 minutes for Anderson… what the hell is going on?

– Kadari Richard had 12 blocks… that’s insane.  (he also had six fouls, but 2 of them were in the last minute when the Rainmen were following intentionally)

Bonus thoughts: 5 for 12 free throw shooting also killed the Rainmen.  Had they shot 70% they probably would have won.  27 turn overs for the Rainmen (maybe putting in one of the best PG in the ABA would have been a good idea).  Things the stats don’t show: Silverhorn took three charges, when Richard blocks he usually keeps the ball in play which lets the Rainmen run.

 Two newspaper articles today:

The Daily News briefly talk about the roadtrip.  Needless to say, they need to win at least one game on the road and then come back and beat Montreal at home.  Winning and losingn could be the difference between keeping the team here and not.  I won’t bother writing a preview about the Millrats game that’s tonight – I think we’re all quite familiar with them.  I may try to write about the Boston Blizzard game tomorrow, but that’s assuming that I am still too sick to do anything productive.

Chris Cochrane at the Herald points out that attedance for the SMU-St.FX game last week was about the same as the attendance for the Rainmen-Sound game.  Yikes! 

ABA News:

The local NBC affiliate in Corning is reporting that the owner of the Bulldogs is attributing their poor attendance to the gym they played in being on a hill.  (on a more serious note:  if their break even was 800 people, I can’t imagine how much money the Rainmen are bleeding at this point)  You can also watch video of the story here.


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