Halifax Lose To Boston, 112-111 in OT

Still no result anywhere online… but I will keep my eyes peeled.  A helpful comment from a reader (whom I believe is Heath Teixeira, Manchester’s assistant coach) tells me that the Rainmen lost… again.  Yes it was on the road after a grueling overtime loss the night before, yes they’re getting better, but no the city of Halifax will not cut them any slack.  They need to pick up a win this week against Montreal or I think Halifax will just stop caring.  Hopefully I can find out some details, but I doubt Boston will get media coverage or put out a decent press release.

In other news:  Vermont lost in Manchester tonight: 110-108 in overtime.  Last post I pointed out that Manchester shot ann absurd 47 free throws against Halifax.  Well tonight they shot an absurd 50 free throws against Vermont.  Vermont only shot 23. 

The ABA: where sketchy officiating happens.


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