ABA Releases first power rankings of the year

OurSportsCentral has the ABA’s official power rankings up.

Halifax is #14… appearently just playing all your scheduled games puts you in the top 15. 


1. Manchester Millrats
2. Vermont Frost Heaves
3. San Diego Wildcats
4. Strong Island Sound
5. Texas Tycoons
6. Long Beach Breakers
7. Jersey Express
8. Westchester Phantoms
9. Boston Blizzard
10. Syracuse Raging Bullz
11. Quebec Kebekwa
12. Houston Takers
13. Montreal Royal
14. Halifax Rainmen
15. Georgia Gwizzlies

Watch out, Montreal Royal!  We’re coming for your #13 spot!


4 thoughts on “ABA Releases first power rankings of the year

  1. The game versus the Montreal Royal is supposedly buy one get one free on tickets…

    Let’s see if they actually get the word out.

  2. Well the website is down so that is definately a poor start to the whole getting the word out thing. (I’ll cut them some slack since the storm may have knocked out power or cut a connection or something)

  3. They really need to get someone to work on their website. The last two game scores aren’t even posted. The website is a HUGE part of a teams promotion.

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