Big News (New Player, and two for one tickets!)

(note:  This was edited at around 11:30pm to include some new, kind of surprising details on Lantrice Green)

I was trying to work on a paper on EP Thompson, but that is derailed to update my three readers on some new Rainmen stuff from their website:

Rainmen Sign New PG, Lose Hardy Riley

Wow.  That came out of nowhere.  No word on why Riley was dropped but I am glad.  I found him to be a disapointment – he just had a low basketball IQ and took poor shots.  He is being replaced by Lantrice Green, a 6′ guard (Rainmen call him a PG, other sources seem to list him as more of a combo guard).  Green was formerly with the Atlanta Vision, but that is one of many teams which seem to be too unstable to really play.  He also previously seems to have played with the now defunct Richmond Ballers of the ABA (I have no idea if they ever played a game).  He averaged 16 points and 7 assists for Atlanta last year.  The press release claims that he has been working out for the Knicks – which I wouldn’t normally believe, but it’s impossible to predict what Isiah is up to.

He played at Virginia Union with Kadiri Richard, so my guess is that Riley dropped out and they called up one of Kadiri’s friends.  He won the Div. II championship in 2004 and the internet says he’s had some workouts with Roanoke in the DLeague and the Atlanta Hawks.  (I really like how the press release says “Rainmen Add Profile Player”… not “High Profile” but profile none-the-less.)

I don’t know much at all about this guy, but I am hoping that he’s just what this team needs.  I was thinking about the previous games and I realized that we simply do not have a player who can create his own shots in the half court set (Crookshank has some post skills, but he needs to get it deep to be effective, Devino Williams is good spot up shooter but is only so-so driving to the net, Silverhorn is a catch and shoot guy, etc.) and if this guy can drive, beat people off the dribble, get to the line, etc.  than this could help turn the team around.  But that is all speculation of course.

Friday is “Family Night”

Which means buy one, get one free tickets.  No word on whether or not the Weather Girls will clean up their dance routines for the evening.  I hope this gets some new people in the door and draws people in to future games.  This means student tickets are basically $7 if you buy them at the box office.


I found Green’s stats at VUU.  He took 16 shots in his whole collegiate career.  Yikes… not exactly a stellar career at a Div. II school (mind you, it’s one of the best Div. II schools).  It really makes one doubt the claims of tryouts with NBA teams and what-not.

 For comparison’s sake here are Kadiri Richard’s stats as well:

Career Stats
Total Field Goals 3-Pt Field Goals Free Throws Rebounds Assists Blocks Steals Points
Name Class Year Pos Ht G Made Atts Pct Made Atts Pct Made Atts Pct No Avg No Avg No Avg No Avg No Avg
Richard, Kadiri FR 1999 F 6-7 27 46 80 57.500 57.500 29 58 0.500 71 2.600 10 0.370 31 1.148 14 0.519 121 4.500
Richard, Kadiri SO 2000 F 6-7 28 75 131 57.252 0 1 57.252 93 137 0.679 156 5.600 17 0.607 21 0.750 21 0.750 243 8.700
Richard, Kadiri JR 2001 F 6-7 26 60 127 47.200 0 3 0.000 67 107 62.600 160 6.200 17 0.654 44 1.692 13 0.500 187 7.200
Richard, Kadiri Sr. 2002 0-0
Career Stats
Total Field Goals 3-Pt Field Goals Free Throws Rebounds Assists Blocks Steals Points
Name Class Year Pos Ht G Made Atts Pct Made Atts Pct Made Atts Pct No Avg No Avg No Avg No Avg No Avg
Green, Lantrice Fr. 2003 16 6 14 42.857 4 7 57.143 0 1 3 0.188 4 0.250 0 3 0.188 16 1.000
Green, Lantrice Jr. 2004 F 6-0 19 9 14 0.643 3 5 0.600 3 5 0.600 10 0.526 2 0.105 0 6 0.316 24 1.263
Green, Lantrice Sr. 2005 F 6-0 6 1 5 0.200 1 3 0.333 0 0 1 0.167 0 0 0 3 0.500
Career Totals 41 16 33 0.485 8 15 0.533 3 6 0.500 14 0.341 6 0.146 0 0.000 9 0.220 43 1.049
It’s also worth noting that it doesn’t look like Kadiri Richard and Lantrice Green ever actually played alongside each other, even though the press release suggests that they were teammates.

Hopefully he’s gotten much, much better since college, he did play well for Atlanta last year.  But let’s not set our hopes too high on this one.  (It will also be interesting to see if the papers pick up on this.  I posted about Corning folding on Friday but it didn’t make the papers until Sunday.  Which is the beauty of me not really fact checking or doing interviews.  I can just post a link and do no follow up)


8 thoughts on “Big News (New Player, and two for one tickets!)

  1. I believe the Richmond Baller were the team owned by Allen Iverson’s mom. I hope this guy can play more than the point, because they don’t have a huge need for anyone there.

  2. i absoulately hate the fact that they would let hardy go out of all people on the team, hardy’s got speed, and i think he’s a good ball player and brings excitement to the game, why hardy when you’ve got james booyer on the bench warming it all season? he’s yet to play a game, hardy did not drop out. he was released and the information was blasted on the website before he had any idea of it. he was at practice last night with the team without a sweet clue that he was released… that is some unlegit shit. this time is getting worse by the second and i’m gonna be one to boycott it because i completely disagree with the decisions being made. this guy left his family and job to come play basketball in which he was doing, what has booyer been doing? and peter benoite? he played how many games? and derrico wigginton? i think the idea of adding a new player is good but the player they cut from the team was a horrible choice. i for one will not be attending anymore rainmen games.

  3. Oh for the love of all that’s holy… I hope we have someone lined up to play so we don’t have to find yet another opponent to play when the Gwizzilies fold.

  4. james is a good size i agree but he is hurt, he was supposed to play way back when… and he didn’t, if he’s so hurt, why should he remain on the team? why Hardy rather than James? hardy is doing a lot more for the team right now than James is and i think that factor should have been taken into consideration, but then there’s the fact that coach lewis coached james booyer in high school and on previous teams justifies why james is still on the team… i mean… i wish i could sit pretty in street clothes on the rainmen bench and get paid for it without even practicing… that’s the life eh… that’s whats up… i reallllllllllly hope this gets to the owner and the coach, favoring players is not legit, there is no I in team… remember that quote? i learned that when i was in grade 3 playin basketball for my school team… and it’s stuck with me all these years… i’m sure lantrice is a great player but hardy has built a sense of home here, why is it ok to take a man from his home and his family to play basketball in halifax out of all cities in the world and then send him home two months later? where’s the fairness in all of this? hardy has fans here, how do you think the crowd is gonna react when they show up at the game and he’s not there? come on now… didn’t the cornings just get cut because they didn’t have enough fan base? is this the next step for the rainmen? because again, i can count u at least 30 ppl that will NOT be at the games anymore because of this change. no offense to lantrice

  5. re: James Booyer

    All reference to him has been removed from the Rainmen’s website. He is no longer on the “team list” which is now down to ten players, nor is he on the “statistics” page (he was before, with all stats at zero).

    Nevermind, he’s back on the website.

  6. Annoymous,

    I would agree with you that others SHOULD have been cut before Riley. He was good if used in spurts, he brought speed and ball handling, althought, as Chris said, he had a low Basketball IQ. Who knows why they cut him over other players. I feel for him.

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