Rainmen defeat Montreal 147-117

The box scores are up already.  Eric Crookshank had a monster game – 34 points and 28 rebounds (maybe this is an error… but I wouldn’t be shocked if it wasn’t.  He had at least somewhere in the 18-22 range 19), Anderson had 13 assists, Richard had 3 blocks.  Edit:  Chad Lucas is reporting the stats as 19 boards for Crookshank on his hoops blog.  The website has it as 19 defensive boards, plus nine offensive boards.  EDIT #2:  The boxscore was changed to 19 rebounds total.

Some quick thoughts:

– Lantrice Green played 12 minutes and was pretty okay.  He’s fast and he looks to take the ball to the basket every chance he gets.  I think he’s the kind of player we need.  Definantely not a starter (doesn’t look to pass soon enough, not sure how well he plays on defence, etc.) but a good energy guy. 

– Attendance was good, but not great.  I don’t know if they did a good enough job promoting this 2 for 1 deal.  It was the best turn out since the home opener, if I had to guess I’d say 2500ish. it was 2,137.  So probably about 1200-1400 paid… on two for one night… on a Friday.  Good, but not good enough, I suspect.

 – Coach Lewis needs to get call a goddamn time out when the team is getting run off the floor.  The only reason that the Royal didn’t come back and make it close is because of the 4th quarter media time out (why does a league with no TV or radio coverage have media time outs?).  It’s embarassing.

–  Halifax cannot deal with full court pressure.  They just have no clue as to how to break a press, and coach Lewis is only sometimes smart enough to put in a third ball handler.  The big problem we have is that Silverhorn, our best SF, is not a good enough ball handler to be useful when it comes to breaking the press.  When we score in transition we are slow to come back and people get free for easy lay ups when the other team comes back down the court.  Vermont will probably kill us.

– Brian Silverhorn is better as a second option.  If we drive with Williams, Ferguson or Anderson and kick to him (or go into the post with Crookshank and then kick when the double team comes) he can really open up the floor and hit those open jumpers.

– Halifax shot really, really well tonight: 60% from the field including 58% from behind the arc.  One of the reasons for this is that they took the ball hard to the rim and didn’t just settle for jump shots all night.

–  There’s  big difference between being a heckler and being a drunken ass hole.  The frat who were in section 23 about 10 rows back were the latter.  I am all for yelling at players and coaches, but racism, homophobia and swearing iare things you should have learned not to do in public a long, long time ago.  They’re also just not witty things to say. When your blood alcohol level is higher than your GPA it’s probably a struggle to come up with something clever to say that doesn’t involve “fag,” “nigger,” or “shit.” 

– There are some good pictures to look at here.  I didn’t take them, but they were posted on locals, so I thought I’d post a link.


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