James Booyer to leave the Rainmen on Tuesday

It looks like another line up change is in the works for the Rainmen:  James Booyer, a 6’8 forward who has been sidelined with an injury, will be leaving the team on Tuesday.  It looks like he is voluntarily leaving the team.

No word on when the Rainmen will  announce this, or if another player will be brought in to fill his spot on the team/in the house.

With that change the line up looks like it’ll be this:

PG: Anderson, Green, Benoit

SG: Ferguson, Williams, Wiggington-Downey

SF:  Silverhorn (with Ferguson or Richard sliding over when he’s off the floor)

PF/C:  Crookshank, Richard, Oliver (the only atlantic Canadian guy who is playing well), Eichelberger

Guys in italics are the non-rotation players.  Eichelberger being out of the rotation due to injury.  The other two aren’t playing much because they’re not really bringing much to the table…

That leaves Halifax a bit shallow in the frontcourt if another injury happens.  I don’t think it’s an big issue, but they should look to pick up a Canadian forward who wouldn’t mind playing for almost nothing, and playing very little.  If we’re down to three bigs due to an injury and someone gets hurt or gets in foul trouble (i.e. Richard) then we could be in trouble in close games.


4 thoughts on “James Booyer to leave the Rainmen on Tuesday

  1. Yeah, what was up with Booyer? Why did he never play? I actually think this is a good opportunity to shore up our front court, get someone really solid.

  2. nothing is up with booyer, he is “injured” he should have left last week and allowed the chance for hardy riley to continue playing and giving something to the team.

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