Breaking News: Alex J. Walling is Being Reasonable!

Alex J. Walling had a column in today’s Daily News about the Rainmen which is worth reading.  Walling actually gives the Rainmen some praise (though he says that they’re trying, but not being smart about it).  His opinion in this article (nice effort, not always smart, league sucks) is actually fairly similar to mine.

Two main bits of news out of the opinion piece:

1)  Levingston is asking for marketing help from other local sports types. (though, he should have done this sooner)

2)  The Rainmen are talking to other ABA franchises about starting up a new league.  This is something lots of people, myself included, have been calling for for long while.  My major concern is that if a bunch of east coast teams decided that they wanted to put together a smaller, low cost, low travel league I doubt that Halifax would be part of those plans.  Us being in a league raises travel costs for everyone.

 Anyway, good article.  I have to say that the Halifax media seem to be on the ball compared to other ABA towns.


5 thoughts on “Breaking News: Alex J. Walling is Being Reasonable!

  1. Chris, let’s play what if?
    What if there is a new league, do you think Moncton, St.John would also start a team? I mean that would decrease travel costs for Halifax and I could definitely see a low cost league starting out of the ashes. A dream yes, but if it’s a low cost league, anything is quite possible.

  2. I think Moncton could do it assuming that they went cheap with it and had big support from the city (which they would). There was a column in one of the Moncton papers earlier this year about them considering an ABA franchise. St. John is a strange, small city. UNB St. John doesn’t have a real sports scene, and I don’t know enough about QMJH to judge based on the Sea Dogs.

    Having three teams in the region would be ideal so that teams could come up and do a big swing (Monday in St. John, Wednesday and Thursday in Halifax, Friday and Saturday in Moncton, Sunday in St. John or something). But either way, there is no way that either city could get their act together for this season.

    In a perfect world we would just slice NB out and have a map where there’s a NS/Quebec border. That place pretty much ruins everything for Nova Scotia.

  3. Chris,

    Where was that Moncton article?

    And also supposedly Andre Levingston has been talking to people long before this. He stated he talks frequently with Bobby Smith (owner of the Mooseheads). I think Andre has done a LOT to try to right this ship. The PR damage that Riley and Crognac (spelling) made was huge. Also, the Mooseheads only averaged around 4,000 in their first year. Their opener was around 6,000-7,000. They didn’t build themselves over night. You can’t expect a basketball team to draw in attendance like hockey teams. While the Rainmen have been underperforming at the gate, it’s not near as gloomy as most paint the picture. I still think Walling is over critical. The Rainmen have got the on court appeal right so far.

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