Gwizzlies v. Halifax not on ABA schedule… but San Fran may be coming!

Good lord.  So last week the Rainmen sent out a press release saying that Georgia will be flying up to play in Halifax on the 9th and 10th to replace Corning… but the ABA schedule says otherwise!  The Rainmen schedule still says Georgia are coming, and the San Francisco site hasn’t been updated since November 4th, though it does say they have a TBD away game on Jan. 9th.  (Their website also includes pictures of the team practicing in shirts and skins, including one player practicing in what appears to be jean shorts.)

 While they have played a number of games this season, they’re in a “division” which has seen a ton of teams fold.  It looks like their original schedule is completely different from the one they’ve played.  The ABA hating nerd community had believed at one point that the team had folded… and as irrational as some of those people are, they’re oftenn right about things like that.  It appears that they’re back from the grave, but for how long?  I guess one way to get them games is to fly them all the way across North America.  I really, really hope that the Rainmen are dumb enough to foot the bill for this.

Of course, it’s also possible likely that the ABA just doesn’t know who is playing who on what date. I don’t even know how to describe this mess of a league.


2 thoughts on “Gwizzlies v. Halifax not on ABA schedule… but San Fran may be coming!

  1. Hey Chris, yes the oursportscentral site does seem to be anti-aba, however you are correct, as some of these posters over there actually seem to know what is happening and sometimes their rumours actually come true. Add in the fact that a few owners (well non-actibe owners now) actively post over there and you do get some news that you would never get anywhere else.

    When Halifax stated Georgia was replacing Corning I first thing I though was, hold it, did Georgia already cancel a few of their games too, which left me skeptical… now with the news you posted above it’s starting to make sense.

    This was one thing I was hoping would not happen to Halifax, and that’s teams folding which leaves the Halifax fan not knowing who is actually going to show up…


  2. It’s not that the board is anti-ABA that gets me. I am anti-ABA, I am amazed every day that people are actually trying to pull off this scam of a league.

    My problem is just with the hilarious tone of the posters on there who make 10 posts a day about random stuff that may or may not be relevant but that they claim proves the ABA is a scam. It is a scam, you don’t need to stretch facts to prove it. It’s just the tone that gets me.

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