Rainmen store is online

Rainmen clothing/other merch is for sale here.  It looks like it’s all the stuff that they sell at games, but nothing new (and no jerseys yet).  It’s a pretty wide selection of stuff for a minor league team, but sizes are kind of wonky.  They definately need to get people wearing jerseys and t-shirts to school and to the mall, just to get name recognition out and get people thinking that the team is a big deal.

 The quality of the stuff is pretty nice, to be honest.  They used screen printing, not heat pressing.  Lots of the stuff is embroidered (i.e. hats), and the Spalding outdoor ball is actually etched and painted with the Rainmen logo, not just painted.   Hopefully this will help cash flow a bit, but if people aren’t coming out to watch I doubt they’ll order online.


2 thoughts on “Rainmen store is online

  1. Man, get the jerseys out. It’s getting retarded, what’s the hold up? They would sell, they are some of the nicest jerseys I have ever seen. They should have been here since day one.

  2. I have talked to the people working the merchandise booth on the floor a couple of times and both time they assured me that jerseys should be here soon. Too bad they didn’t get here before Christmas, although I guess there may be some last minute shopping done at next week’s games, if the jerseys are in by then.

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