Chad Lucas: “Could the Rainmen Start their Own League?”

My favourite Halifax basketball writer has a new blog post up on the Chronicle Herald website.  Lucas just ponders the possibility of a Halifax starting its own league, but recent happenings seem to call that into question.  Lucas’ blog is normally just recaps of games (his analysis is much better than mine since he takes notes and actually knows something about basketball), so this is a bit of a surprising departure for him.  It’s mostly speculation and recaps of internet rumours, but go take a look.  It’s interesting to me that the Halifax media have all been on the same page on this (even AJ Walling has come around ever since SMU football season ended and he finally realised that St. Pats wasn’t a school anymore) and agree that Halifax are good and fun to watch and the ABA sucks.  I also think that the Rainmen get more media coverage in a week than most ABA teams get all year.

Lucas also wrote an article in todays paper on LaBoise Gladden.  Chris Kallen wrote an article about Halifax’s best player, Jermaine Anderson for the Daily News today.  Even if Halifax somehow manages to play next season it is a pretty safe bet that Anderson will be going elsewhere.  He is the only reason why we have a competent half course offense.  (God knows it isn’t the brilliant play calling from Coach Lewis.  I KNOW WHAT EVERY ONE OF YOUR THREE PLAYS ARE, YOU IDIOT.  WHY BOTHER CALLING #1 EVERYTIME DOWN THE COURT?!  IT’S JUST A PICK AND ROLL AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT!  STOP CALLING THAT PLAY… JUST STOP IT.… please stop…. please)


11 thoughts on “Chad Lucas: “Could the Rainmen Start their Own League?”

  1. It’s funny how the OSC forum is such a huge part of the ABA, it’s like the number one news source on the league. I would also wager that the Herald reads this blog.

  2. The problem is that the OSC is the only source of news on the ABA since they don’t even update the website with results, some teams have no websites and no national media cover the league as a whole.

    The Westchester/Quebec fight was only mentioned on OSC, but Westchester have no website and the press release on the Kebs site was in french and reall vague (“an on court incident took place… next game they will avenge their honour!”) Internet rumours are the closest thing to news that exist in this league. What a gong show.

    And yeah, we need a new coach. The games Halifax lose are because of:
    a) Close games blown down the stretch (classic sign of bad coaching)
    b) Games where we get ruined by a full court press and Lewis doesn’t put in a third ball handler or call a time out when the press is killing us.

    I wish there was some way that we could get Steve Konchalski to leave st. fx or Brian Heaney to leave sportscasting.

  3. I just wonder what he is thinking sometimes, he BLEW that game against the Sound, I assume that we could have came out on top in a few other of the close games too. And yeah, I WISH we could get Brian Heaney, no chance of that happening though, he’s got a cushy position at St. FX in addition to his TV gig.

    That Quebec comment actually made me LOL. Literally.

    I miss my first game tonight, so keep us posted.


  4. Listening to the podcast, it’s somewhat funny.

    They announcers seem almost shocked that they dim the lights and have a “light show” going on during the player introductions.

    They have commented on the venue and the skyboxes a numbers of times already and we have yet to tip off.

    Obviously they aren’t used to the quality of this Halifax franchise.

  5. First half, it seems like we have really turned the corner. We CAN compete with anyone in this league. My worries aren’t with the talent, they are with the coach.

  6. The Rainmen played well tonight and we had the lead late into the game, but the Heaves were allowed to get streaky a couple of times and we let them get ahead (when I say we, I mean Coach Lewis). My hat is off to the 7 or 8 players who put in 25-30 minutes each for every game. They showed last year’s champs that they can hold their own but part of the coach’s job is to manage the players and the timeouts strategically.

    I understand that someone thinks that having “locals” on the team puts more butts in the seats, but I don’t think it’s working. Plus, Dipp and Peter Benoite ride the pines for most games and no one really expects them to play anymore. What good is having locals if they don’t play? What good is having them on the team, taking up space that someone else might be able to have, if they don’t contribute?

    P.S. Whatever really happened to Kevin MaBone? Is he gone for good? Is he coming back?

  7. Joe, I know the Vermont players aren’t used to a venue the size of the Metro Centre because they were looking at themselves on the big scoreboard screens at the start of the game! hahaha

    Great to see the Vermont fans up for the game. Maybe we can road trip to see a game down there, if the league is still around in the new year.

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