Vermont vs. Halifax

Some quick thoughts:

– Vermont are a  very good team, but I think that Manchester are better.  We can hang with Manchester, and I definately think that we can hang with Vermont. 

– Vermont can be streaky, just like Halifax.  The key is going to be how each team weathers that the inevitable cold streak.  When Halifax gets in a scoring slump they need to find a way to get easy baskets (i.e. drive and get free throws).

– Vermont have a deadly full court press.  Their strategy is to apply heavy full court pressure on the other team’s guards and then trap once they get across the halfway line.  They contest everything, so expect very few open jumpers for Halifax.

– Issa Konara, Vermont’s PF, is a beast.  He will get Richard in foul trouble early and keep taking it inside.  When he’s hot he’s unstoppable since he can hit three pointers with ease, this really opens up his game.  He can basically score hitting jumpshots, posting up,  or driving.  He is just a huge match up problem for Halifax.

– 4 Frostheaves fans are driving up for this game (13+ hour drive!).  Go say “hi” if you see them!  They have a really dedicated fanbase, and expect them to bring cowbells.

– They’re a well constructed and well coached team.  They’re designed to play in the ABA (they take advantage of the 3D rule with their press, play a defense which forces the other team to make tough decision which is something ABA players don’t do too well, contest three point shots, have players who can score in the post which takes advantage of other team’s lack of post defenders). 


7 thoughts on “Vermont vs. Halifax

  1. Yeah, they borrowed some stuff from here, I think… or at least follow my links. Which is fine by me, but I just wish that they would not delete my comments on their site whenever I so much as mention this blog.

    I am just glad that the papers give the team as much coverage as they do.

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