Halifax defeats Quebec (plus some links)

No word yet on the game.  But I won’t be sleeping until I find out who won! (or until I finish writing 20 pages on 1950s urban planning in Halifax)  It’s the ABA so I don’t exactly expect super quick results on this… and Quebec are not exactly the most detailed or helpful when it comes to press releases (just look at the mysterious cancellation of one of their games due to a fight). 

Halifax won tonight and moved to 3-8 on the season. It was 112-103 and you can see the boxscore here.  Chad Lucas has a rundown on his blog.  The lead changed hands nine times and the game was relatively close – so this is both the first road win and the first win in a non-blow out: both good first steps.  Since I didn’t see or listen to the game I can’t offer many thoughts, but looking at the box score, some stuff stands out:

– It looks like Anderson is back to passing instead of trying to score.  Six shot attempts and eight assists is what he should be gunning for, none of this stupidity about him shooting more.

– Eric Crookshank is establishing himself as our most dominant player: 22 points, 11 boards, five assists, 4 steals and 4 blocks.  That is absurd.

– Silverhorn had 15 points in 43 minutes and was 6-15 from the field and 1-7 from behind the three point line.  When will Lewis realize that while he is a great shooter, he is not a primary scoring option?  He’s a homeless man’s Jason Kapono. (Hobo Kapono if you want to be cute about it)  Just let him shoot open jump shots when other players get doubled.

– Lewis seriously tweaked the starting line up, and Benoit started at two guard and actually put up some numbers!  I wonder why he was able to turn it on for this game?  He hasn’t been living up to his billing, so hopefully it was just confidence and this gives him a bit of a boost.

– Richard and Williams played a combined 22 minutes, but made the most of them.  Williams had 14 points, Richard had 3 blocks.  If I had to take a guess I’d say Richard got in early foul trouble and got pulled (he had 3 fouls).  What I don’t get is why Lewis keeps him out all game when he gets in early foul trouble.  Other interesting fact: Richard, Crookshank and Oliver combined for 84 minutes, there are 96 minutes to go around at the PF position… Eichelberger didn’t play at all (I don’t know if he traveled) so it looks like there were 12 minutes where Brian Silverhorn must have played powerforward…

I do hope that the Rainmen make it back to Halifax okay, this storm may delay that.  Of all the things worth dying for, the ABA is waaaaaaay down on my list just above Conrad Black’s freedom, capitalism, and Jesus.

Some quick links I didn’t post this morning:

– The Daily News is reporting that the National Lecrosse League is considering bringing a team here for the 09-10 season.  They have drawn well for Lacrosse in the past (NLL exhibition game drew 5,000, world championship drew 20,000 over a week) but I think the Rainmen attendance vs. CIS attendance kind of proves that there is a huge difference between how you draw for one off special events and how a team draws.  Two other things worth thinking about with this article:

  1. The NLL season runs from April-December.  Conflicting with both the ABA and QMJHL seasons.  The Rainmen are having a hard enough time getting weekend dates, imagine if the NLL and the Rainmen are fighting over the Mooseheads leftovers.
  2. The article reports that city officials may be meeting with the out of town investors.  Here’s my question:  How close are the city to the Rainmen?  Do they offer them support in any form?  Is World Trade Centre Limited (run by aspiring mayor and total douche bag Fred MacGillivray) helping them out at all?  My uneducated guess is no.  Halifax seems to miss the point that if they want young people to stay they have to foster cultural events that are both consistant and appealing to young people.  That means supporting an affordable basketball team instead of a $100 Celine Dion concert (thank god her dad/husband/manager pulled the plug on that), as well as supporting cool, hip music festivals like The Halifax Pop Explosion instead of propping up that fake, anti-modern faux-celtic Nova Scotia Folk culture that makes kids who grow up in NS kill themselves.  (If you want to read a good book about the construction of “folk culture” in NS read Ian McKaye’s Quest of the Folk).

– Herald sports columnist Chris Cochrane gives his year end review of Nova Scotia sports stories.  The Rainmen are given the highly coveted award of “most scrutinized” which is one competition they couldn’t lose.

– The blog got a shout out in Chad Lucas’ Herald hoops blog.  He also links to the OSC board and gives a great description of it:

If you care about the crazy inner workings of the ABA as a whole, this message board is a useful, if bizarre, source of information. Be forewarned: some of the posters here are intense, to put it mildly. The amount of time and energy these people devote to trashing ABA founder Joe Newman is kind of scary. But they’re usually more up-to-date on the latest team comings and goings than the league’s official (and mostly useless) website.

Chad also suggests that I should be the 13th man and instead of playing, I should be allowed to coach for a few minutes.  I won’t even comment on that idea right now, but what I would do given that chance will get its own entry at some point.


6 thoughts on “Halifax defeats Quebec (plus some links)

  1. Dennie Oliver is really blossoming.

    It seems Latrice Green took Coach Lewis’s advice. He jacked up ten shots in 17.

    I think we might have turned a corner. Quebec is not a bad team.

  2. i would really like to see the rainmen play manchester at the metro centre again…. i think since they came awfully close to beating them before, they might actually be able too!! I also think this game would be more than exciting to watch and it would draw in a lot of fans!!! Do you guys think there is anyway we could get Andre or Lewis to organize another rainmen vs. manchester at the metro centre??? Lets try for it!

  3. I was going to say that “you can’t just arrange your own league games because you want to play a specific opponent: it just doesn’t work like that.” And then I realised that it’s the ABA… so it sort of does work like that.

    I guess you could e-mail Andre Livingston and ask, but I don’t know if he’d really make that decision based on fan support. That said: we have 4 home games in the last month which are against First State and Westchester, and I highly doubt that either team will be around by then, so someone has to fill those dates. But I doubt that anyone is going to want to make that trip if they don’t have to.

    I also am unsure if we’d beat them. I think we’d give them a run and it’d be a good game, but let’s see if we can get past the Blizzard’s real team before we start worrying about taking out Manchester and Vermont.

  4. I think the Rainmen will work something out to get teams here.

    Rochester allegedly paid a few teams in order to insure they showed up. And for whatever reason, there are teams like Houston who are volunteering to fill away games.

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