Halifax Defeat Boston, 159-118

  Yikes!  What an ugly game! The boxscore is here and my thoughts after the jump:

– Boston brought 7 players and their assistant coach an innjured player who coached.  The actual coach/owner didn’t even bother to show up.  Just like last time the Boston players didn’t even match their official roster and it was obvious.  No one in the arena believed that the 6’5, 225+ pound centre was named “Ja-Maal Brooks.”  (For the record he is named Charles Large and he is hilarious) (Furthermore, the player turned coach was really bothered by my heckling and responded like a child)  One of the guys they brought was a guy under 5’10 who must have weighed close to 190 who saw three minutes of playing time despite Boston having three guys with six or more fouls and everyone being exhausted. EDIT: It looks like he is the new assistant head coach whom they dressed for the game.  What a gong show.

– Boston look like a rec league team… which is not shocking.

–  The game was terrible.  Despite getting a big early lead it almost got blown when Lewis just subbed out every single player (on two different occasions).  The Rainmen just looked grossly sloppy.- Due to the blow out some guys who don’t normally get to play got some time.  Here are a collection of thoughts on every single player on the team:

  • Oliver played great.  He had a double double and he is a legit rotation guy on this team.
  • Devino Williams is great at what he does:  come off the bench and give some energy.  For a young guy I also think he has fairly good shot selection and he is more than willing to take it to the hoop.  The fact that Boston were all tired definately helped his game.
  • Benoit:  21 points in 23 minutes!  A great game for him.  He can really score when he’s being set up.  The key for him is to play two guard next to Jermaine Anderson.  If he gets good looks he can convert, but he’s not great at making his own chances.
  • Crookshank: 20 minutes and he did well in them.  He got pulled early because of the huge lead.  If we needed him he could have scored at will as the Boston line up that came were all guards and swingmen except for an undersize chubby centre.
  • Eichelberger:  This guy needs to learn how to pass.  (Not that he doesn’t pass… he just sucks at getting the ball from his hands into someone elses.  Only two turn overs but tons of bad passes that forced the other player to recover)
  • Jermaine Anderson:  It was an ugly game so his skills were particularly well used.  He shot well tonight, though.  I still don’t understand why he is on this team.
  • Silverhorn:  He just keeps disapointing me, but I don’t think it’s his fault.  Lewis doesn’t run plays that get the ball into his hands when he’s open.
  • Lanntrice Green: What a disapointment.  He is absolutely not a PG.  What a terrible decision maker.  The stats say 8 assists and 4 turn overs, but the assists came in garbage time.
  • Blandon Ferguson:  He was a cold shooter tonight, but he played fine other than that.
  • Richard:  Five blocks in 20 minutes plus eight points.  He started the games with a couple of put backs and blocks and it kept the otherwise slow Rainmen from looking terrible in the first five minutes.  He shows a serious offensive game tonight and even had a couple baskets off of 16 foot jumpers from the top of the key.  It was partially because the man guarding him was not a PF, but I still think he’s a SF.
  • Wiggington:  Good game from him in his 4 minutes, but I don’t know if he will get out of just garbage time.  I sort of feel like he should have gotten more burn based on how out of reach the game was early.  He had a dunk that people went nuts for (if you saw the Dunk Off at the Black Basketball Tournament this summer you’d know that the kid can jump), but it was garbage time so… yeah.  I think that if Lewis wants him to improve, he needs to put him on the floor with Jermaine Anderson.  It’d get Derico open and let him see how a good guard plays.
  • Gladden:  He also only played 4 minutes, but he had some serious dunks.  The guy is a highlight reel of his own.  Probably the best jumper I have seen in person.

– The ABA is the only league in the world where you’re up by 40 points with ten seconds left and you throw the ball the length of the floor and dunk on the other team… and no one sees anything wrong with that.

– Attendance was officialy 1375.  That may be a bit generous but it’s hard to tell.  I would guess closer to 1000.  The crowd was absolutely not into it.  The most excited people got was when I got in an argument with the assistant coach after I them they were so bad it isn’t even fun to heckle them.

– Rick Lewis got outcoached… and Boston didn’t even have a coach.  (And only 6 guys played)

– Some great pictures are online here.

 – Tonight I raced around the court on an oversized tricycle!  I need a hair cut!  The video was taken by the same person whose pictures I linked to.


6 thoughts on “Halifax Defeat Boston, 159-118

  1. This was the first game where I did not have a good time. I was almost just waiting for it to get over.

    How did the caoch respond to you?

  2. IM sorry i wasnt there chris but at least you held down the heckling for the both of us. that is alot of points and Chris I am disappointed about the bike race I thought you were better than that.

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