Halifax Defeat Boston, 150-104

Another ugly game where most of the fun was between the bench and the fans.  But some guys who don’t get a lot of time got some more time.  As always, the box score is up right after the game.  And as always, my thoughts after the jump.  (look at me!  Using blogger lingo!)

– Lantrice Green and Leboise Gladden combined for 10-24 shooting including a brutal 1-6 on three point attempts.  I don’t like those guys.  They’re both full court, shoot first guys without the range to stretch the defense and they just don’t fit into a team with three great post players and a steady point guard.

– Wiggington got into the game.  He looked okay.  He is a really deadly slasher and should be playing for a university team.  I just don’t think 8 minutes of garbage time against the Boston Men’s Rec League All-Stars is helping his development much.

– Richard had 8 blocks in 18 minutes.

– I bought a jersey so I am now some sort of super fan.  It is pretty nice, but they didn’t have number 0 or number 5.  Lame.

– There were 2,136  people there, which I think makes it the biggest night since opening night.  It’s too bad that the basetball was so bad, though.  At least there were lots of big dunks for the casual fan, but the last quarter looked like a bad rec league game with everyone jogging back on D if they bothered to come back at all.  The Rainmen should not be proud of how they closed this out.

– The Boston coach/injured player got in an argument with me and said “You know this isn’t our real team, right?  Go on the internet and check our stats. Every time we play them at home we spank them.”  I said, “Your players not caring enough to show up isn’t an excuse.”  Heckling is a fine art, and you need to keep it short but if I could have been more long winded I would have said: “I have been on the internet looking for your team stats.  Unfortunately your website doesn’t post any stats at all, and you don’t even bother to keep stats at home games.  However, google and the Rainmen’s website tells me that you didn’t spank them.  You beat them by two points in overtime “everytime” (once) that you play them.  All three times you’ve come up here you’ve lost by 30 plus points.  I drove 10 minutes to heckle you – you drove 15 hours to suck at basketball.”

Richard LaFortune has some pictures of the game up here.  I’ve linked to his pictures before.  Go listen to his band the Chitz if you like punk music!  They broke up almost 10 years ago, but they are still pretty awesome and were one of my favourite bands when I was 15 (despite them having broken up 5 years before I had heard them)

– Halifax don’t play again at home until Jan. 6.


2 thoughts on “Halifax Defeat Boston, 150-104

  1. Random guy who commented on the blog was me, just to clear things up. This game was more fun than last night. Wigginton really can slash and obviously has a lot of potential, but he is raw raw raw, I like him though.

    Gladden has a basketball IQ of 0.1. He can jump, but that’s it. He doesn’t even make his dunks. Green seemed to work the ball around a bit more in the first half, he is a shoot first guy but I don’t think he’s quite the ball hog we saw tonight. He should be okay as a backup point guard, but he shouldn’t play more than 15 minutes at most in ANY game.

  2. I was trying to figure out who it was that I briefly talked to on the way up the stairs! I was thinking that it might be someone I went to high school with who also reads the blog or something, hence the slightly confused look.

    I think I may have been overly harsh, lumping Green in with Gladden. I think I really need to see him in a close game before I can really judge him. And it’s not like he’ll be getting any crunch time minutes at the point (or at least he had better not). He does provide another, quicker option to Anderson and he makes sense with Williams to provide some energy i the backcourt’s second unit.

    However, Gladden appears to be a total idiot on the court.

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