Boston Beats Manchester

I try not to talk too much about games that aren’t directly related to the Rainmen, but I found this to be pretty interesting:  the Blizzard beat the Millrats 130-127 last night.  This is Manchester’s third loss in a row and their next game is against Quebec, in QC.  The Kebs have beaten them twice this season.  Then on Sunday they play Vermont.  2007 may end with Manchester losing five in a row, and Halifax winning five in a row.  Kind of crazy.

The other thing worth looking at is that all three of Boston’s top scorers against Manchester did not play in Halifax.


5 thoughts on “Boston Beats Manchester

  1. In other league news, the Montreal Royal’s website and phone have both been disconnected…wonder what’s going on there?

  2. Maybe their registration just expired on the website or something? (although I am not sure about about the phone situation. I take most things that “A1Sports” posts with a grain of salt – he is often right but he also seems to jump the gun a lot).

    I am inclined to think that they’re still afloat. They played two days ago at home (but the venue moved) and there have been no real rumblings about them leaving – but it’s hard to tell because so much of their info is in french. Halifax is playing there on the 28th, and they’re supposed to come up here on the 6th, so I hope all is well.

  3. Registration information for Montreal, as it looks like they still have over 1 month left on registration before technically DNS queries would fail to this domain.

    Registered through:, Inc. (
    Created on: 28-Jan-07
    Expires on: 29-Jan-08
    Last Updated on: 21-Dec-07

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