Rainmen Defeat Quebec 116-108

I hope everyone has had a good Christmas!  I’ve taken a break from updating to spend time with my parents, drive my sister to the Dome, and read the new Pynchon book.  I assume everyone else has done the same since traffic has been way down over the last three days – the 25th and the 26th are the first days in December where I’ve clocked fewer than 100 hits.

I still haven’t been able to find any results from the away game in Quebec City tonight.  If anyone comes across the score, please let me know.

Chad Lucas is reporting that Halifax beat the Kebs 116-108 in what sounds like it was a very chippy game.  It’s understandable that guys were out of form since I am sure most of them went on very brief vacations to see their families and then flew into Quebec.  I am more than happy with ugly wins, they’re better than ugly loses.

They play the Royal tomorrow in Montreal, and the have a big layoff before playing Montreal again at home.  Just as I had predicted, they’re on route to getting back to .500.  But they’re doing it even faster than I had expected (knock on wood).


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