Richard needs a nick name

In his latest blog entry Chad Lucas laments Kadiri Richard’s lack of a good nickname.

Kadiri Richard blocked six more shots tonight. Somebody needs to make him up a good nickname. “KD” is alright, but it’s not all that creative.

I feel that we, as a group, need to come up with this nickname.  The gauntlet has been thrown down by Mr. Lucas and we must respond.

Some quick facts to keep in mind:

  • He’s averaging 4.75 blocks per game in 20 mpg.  That’s one block per 4 minutes and 13 seconds that he’s on the floor!
  • He attended Virginia Union University (NCAA Div. II).  It’s a good school with an excellent basketball program which is among the best in Div. II.  It’s a traditionally all black college which also produced Ben Wallace and Charles Oakley.
  • He’s originally from Columbia, South Carolina and he’s 27.
  • He teaches special needs students to pay the bills.

 So we need to come up with something that can capture his high energy play and his defensive abilities.  If he were Russian or Eastern European something like the “Iron Curtain” may have worked.  KR5 (the lazy basketball nickname) sounds lame.  Richard V sounds dumb in every way concievable.  Defcon5 might work, but I’m not sure.  We need to come up with something here, people.

 Please post your suggestions in the comments section.  Together we can come up with something.


6 thoughts on “Richard needs a nick name

  1. I was thinking like “K Rich” if we wanted to go easy or we could put something to go along with the teaching like “The Professor” or “Professor K” but I will think of more suggestions. Keep ’em coming guys.

  2. I asked Kadiri if he had a nickname, back at the start of the season. He replied with “KD”. That’s good enough for me (you probably hear me yelling it after he makes a great play). We have to remember that a good sports nickname has to be easy to chant and to be understood when yelling it.

    Some alternatives: Sultan of Swat, The Swahili Shield (Kadiri is a Swahili word/name meaning a type of tree). These may be offensive to some, so they are probably out.

    How about Rocket Richard? I know he pronounces his surname differently than Maurice Richard did, but I think yelling “Rocket” might be fun.

    P.S. I think the announcer should give a nightly shout out to DJ Ronnie, who spins the tunes during the games. It is an easy thing to do and it adds to the connection we can have with the team, by giving the fans some knowledge about the people involved with the team.

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