Rainmen lose to Montreal, 122-105

Bummer.  There are no articles posted yet and no boxscore up on the website, so we’ll have to settle for Lucas’ brief report on his blog.  So the winning streak has ended, but it’s still been five wins in seven games which is great.  It is worth noting that home court advantage is huge in this league – particularly with teams traveling with skeleton crews and teams still adjusting to playing on the road.  Revenge comes on the 6th.

And as a bonus we now know that  Montreal has not folded.


4 thoughts on “Rainmen lose to Montreal, 122-105

  1. Good news are far as Montreal still playing. They may have decided to just cut back on expenses. 🙂

    Lets hope all the teams can finish out the remainder of this season.

  2. Things I noticed:

    Jermaine Anderson: 20 shots and only 2 assists. Lewis maybe? I don’t like it.

    Peter Benoite: His only shots were three pointers, he took 7. We have better shooters from out side the arc. Why is he the one taking those?

    Crookshank played another great game. He is dominant.

    Williams didn’t play… I like him off the bench, he provides energy and can put up points.

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