Rainmen Crack Local Papers’ Top Ten in 2007 Lists

Since the Rainmen are the only pro sports team in town, it’s not surprising that both the Daily News and the Herald put the Rainmen in their top ten sports stories of 2007 lists.

 The Daily News points out the obvious:  good team. Bad league. Where are the fans? This is goodbasketball.  I couldn’t find yesterday’s Herald story online, but it’s more of the same.  Unless I am imagining things, and no such story actually existed.  Who knows?

Today the Herald is already looking ahead to 2008 and describe the ABA as “whacky league.”  A bit of an understatement.


7 thoughts on “Rainmen Crack Local Papers’ Top Ten in 2007 Lists

  1. I saw a large Rainmen billboard ad by the bridge. It’s good to see they are keeping up the promotion. Those are high traffic areas.

  2. The hfx news states that crowds dipped to between 800 and 2000 per game. In reality, thats more than some ABA teams get in a whole season.

    I personally am still bewildered by those who think the lack of fans, due to lack of competition, is entirely the ABA’s fault. I guess its all in how you look at it.

    Hopefully the Rainmen will continue to provide quality basketball for the fans of Halifax, no matter what teams or leagues may develope in the future.

  3. TR Waters,

    I don’t think it’s the lack of competition that concerns people. The level of play has been fine, without Boston It’s the bad reputation of the ABA and the negativity associated with it that is hurting the Rainmen.

    People won’t buy tickets if they don’t think the other team will show up. Teams that show up with 7 YMCA players hurt the credibility of the Rainmen, and they don’t make for a fun game to watch either. The ABA provokes a lot of negative press and that all hurts the Rainmen. The reputation HAS kept away fans and especially sponsors. I didn’t buy season tickets because I didn’t know if teams would show, it wouldn’t have surprised me if they folded before the season.. I don’t think it’s outrageous to suggest that sponsors stayed away because others have been left high and dry when so many teams in the league have folded.

    It’s the lack of credibility that comes from being in the ABA that has hurt the Rainmen. The amount of support that they have earned is a testament to how well run this team is. They are succeeding despite the ABA.

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