Leboise Gladden is Released by Rainmen

Lucas once again brings the goods on his Posting Up blog on the Herald website.  Lucas is reporting that the Rainmen have released Leboise Gladden.  My thoughts after the jump.

 The 6’6 swingman from California never found a groove with the team.  He played sparse minutes and I am sure he wasn’t happy with the role (i.e. keeping the bench on the floor) that he had with the team.   He was supposed to be Halifax’s much needed slasher to get those easy points and get to the line, but he never panned out.

 I hated the guy as a ball player.  He seemed to have the basketball IQ of a high school player and he clogged up the end of the bench.  His garbage time minutes can go to Benoit or Downey.  I actually think that Downey’s speed and jumping abilities can cause some serious problems for teams.  Check out his dunk at this year’s black basketball tournament.  He needs more time to develope and him getting Gladden’s minutes is only a good thing for the Rainmen (at the gate and on the floor) and for Wiggington-Downey.

I doubt that the team will be able to sign a good player this late, but they should look for a Canadian guy (ex-CIS guy, perhaps?) or ideally a local guy who will be okay with 5-10 minutes a game and can either offer another big body off the bench or some slashing abilities at the 3.  We do not need another two guard or combo guard.  Ideally a Rob Sanders style Powerforward would be perfect… but I don’t see it coming.

The only two legit rotation slashers on the team right now are Ferguson and Williams, but both of them take a lot of ill advised jump shots.  Lewis needs to get them taking it hard to the new more often.  I am not really convinced that this problem can’t be solved internally.

 One last thought:  This may screw up Lewis’ questionable use of two five person lines.  The old line up had a second line of Oliver, Eichelberger, Gladden, Williams, Green.  With Benoit soming in at the 1-3 at times and Downey riding the pines.  This means that Benoit is going to consistantly be our second small forward… yikes!  He’s an ultra un-athletic combo guard.  I’d like to see an 8 or 9 man rotation depending on need instead of this wholesale subbing, but even in that situation the 3 is still lacking much depth.  Eichelberger is a long 3 (not a PF like Lewis tries to play him) but we need him backing up the front line.  Richard can play the 3, but again – our lack of a front court keeps him pinned at PF.  Ferguson can play small forward, particularly against smaller teams like Montreal, and I think the best bet may be to have him moving to the 3 when Williams comes in the game if Silverhorn is out. 

Sometimes I wonder about how this team was constructed, it’s really guard heavy.  I feel like Kevin Mabone must have had some wild Nellieball styled plan that he was never able to execute.


13 thoughts on “Leboise Gladden is Released by Rainmen

  1. I disagree that we couldn’t get an impact player at this point. Look at all the teams that have folded. Some were actually very strong. Take a Corning Bulldogs or Strong Island Sound player. They had strong teams. The trouble is convincing them to come to Halifax mid-season. That being said, if the Rainmen organization really puts together an attractive package (which they have to funds to do) we could get a big time player. It’s really up to the Rainmen if they feel it would be worth their trouble. Maybe they think we can get by with the core we have.

    If we had Rob Sanders we beat anyone. Anderson at the point, Crookshank down low, Silverhorn actually open for threes and Sanders would be able to play in tight and away from the basket. That would be fun to watch.

  2. Its my understanding that it is really impossible to put together an “attractive package” per se, due to the ABA player salary cap.

  3. The ABA doesn’t enforce the cap. Second of all, the Rainmen provide free housing and food, which doesn’t fall under the cap. There are ways to work around the cap, or you could simply ignore it.

  4. if the league does not even care if their teams survive i dont know if they even follow the salaries. they cant keep track of what team is playing where i think the cap is the least of their worries. I think they should go after someone but i have no idea who because i cant find information on the guys on the teams that folded. I didn’t even get the see gladden play because i am home for the holidays.

  5. I saw him once in Halifax, and it’s wishful thinking, but why not go after Gordon Malone of the Strong Island Sound? He’s a 6’11” power forward or center who put up 16.7 points and 7.3 rebounds in six games for the Sound. He is also a former NBA draft pick.

  6. i think i remember that guy he might be a little slow for the game i think the rainmen should play though. as I remember he was a big lumbering guy with knee bands around but that may have been another guy because they had some big guys

  7. You could just keep inviting a 13th man, like Manchester did their last home game.

    “There are ways to work around the cap, or you could simply ignore it.”
    This is just the kind of support the ABA needs. Thanks.

  8. I agree that there is talent out there, the problem is asking someone to relocate to Halifax, NS. Sure Ellen Page’s appearance on the tonight show probably gave the city a PR boost, but it’s still harder to get someone up here from NYC than to get them to Albany or Boston. Particularly if the ABA (or an ABA team) screwed them once already. I still think we should look for a Canadian. Carlton University must have had at least one guy who graduated that the Rainmen can chase after.

    As for the salary cap: The ABA can’t enforce it. They simply don’t know what is going on in the finances of their teams. But I doubt that the Rainmen are near the 120k mark, anyway. That said – I don’t know if they want to throw that much money around given the attendance issues as of late.

  9. I agree with you Chris. the Rainmen might not feel it’s worth getting that impact player. Getting a high level talent to Halifax could be costly.

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