Halifax Defeat Montreal 126-110

I missed the game but the boxscore is up now.   Joe’s thoughts are after the jump:

Good crowd, officially 2,700 something. Montreal only brought 7 players but at least they were real players and they all played. Cordell Jeante (spelling) is their best player and he made the trip. They did have some solid players out there, this wasn’t another Boston. But still, seven players? Come on.

Lewis did his “two lines”, and to top it off he played each one an entire quater and alternated between the two. I felt bad for Dennie Oliver; he was suck with a bunch of bums. Benoit has one of the ugliest shots I have seen, but he got it done. He had one awful air ball though.

Lantrice Green. I like him less every game. WAY too selfish. Anderson is so smart out there; I would play him 35-40 minutes a night and have no problem. He also cut to the rims a few times which I normally don’t see that often.

Choppy game, but the Rainmen had it in the bag from the start. I don’t blame them for not being as focused as they could be. I can’t wait to see some real competition when Vermont comes here.


10 thoughts on “Halifax Defeat Montreal 126-110

  1. btw – as you probably saw in the box score – Jermaine Anderson did play today, and he looked fine – hopefully this spine situation is just a pre-cautionary/follow up thing.

    Like ‘Joe’s thoughts’ stated, the starters only play about half the game – if that really…

  2. 2700+ is probably a reasonable expectation for spectators at a weekend game. Hopefully next season, the Rainmen can negotiate to have more weekend games. The Moose aren’t here every Saturday!

    This game had its bright and its dim spots. Great show on the rebounding (I haven’t looked at the stats, but their boards, offense and especially defense, must have been much higher than average) but the Rainmen handled the ball sloppily way too many times, especially under the net.

    It was great to see the 13th man actually dressed for the game, participate in the team talks and even play the final minute or so! I believe it was Barry Barnet, our provincial health minister. He certainly did not embarrass himself. Barnet even went up and down the court, kind of covering his opponent, although I think the Montreal player was mostly concerned about hurting him. This was a refreshing start in the right direction of actually using the 13th player rule. Keep it up!

    Squid played a very entertaining half-time show and Bruce Guthro sang O Canada, which was cool. We have so much talent in Halifax, there should be no problem getting singers for the anthems. Having recording artists perform the anthems is an added draw that may impress some people. Every little bit helps.

    Coach Lewis was actually fairly impressive in his vocality with the refs. At one point, he remiinded them about the rules about calling timeouts after a Montreal player tried to call timeout as he jumped out of bounds trying to save the ball. Even though the refs agreed with Lewis, they made up some story about “inadvertant whistle” so that Montreal retained the ball on the throw-in, then they made some bogus travelling call on Montreal to give the ball to Halifax.

    While I don’t agree with the strategy of playing one line for a whole quarter at a time, I think the coach is growing in experience and the players are getting tighter as a team on the court. This is evident in their improving season record. I guess we have to remember that this is not the NBA, all the people in the game — refs, coaches, and players — are not at that top level. However, it seems like the officiating is fairly odious. The officials kept Montreal in the game by calling fouls anytime more than one Rainman was near a Royal in the key. It was pretty disgusting.

    I am looking forward to seeing the Rainmen play Vermont, I hope they can at least split the two games. The scheduling for this part of the season is fairly haphazard, with all three January games occurring in a span of 4 days and a similar timetable for February. I would rather see one game a week, like the first part of the season. I guess with opposing teams folding or “suspending operations”, we are lucky to get games played at all. Go Rainmen!

  3. One last thought for this game: Is the LeBoise Galdden experiment over? He was at the game, was not introduced, he’s not listed in the program either. I know his stats were sub-par, but it can be difficult to excel when coming off the bench in the fourth quarter, after sitting around all game. Any news on his status? Is Barry Barnet taking his spot? hahaha

  4. OK, I finally caught up with the news about Gladden. I agree that there must be some castaway talent from these defunct ABA teams. Having said that, I saw ex-SMU player Brian Thompson in line to get some food at the game last night. Although he is older than Benoite, he was the man back in the day: on the AUAA all-star team, AUAA MVP and CIAU all star team over a 4 year period. If Vinny Testeverde can play for over 20 years, why can’t we get some local university alumni to jump in and play relief for the Rainmen?

  5. Chad Lucas’s blog sums up my thought on the game. he is on the money. The first quater was the most dominant I have seen Anderson, he really took over the game. Hopefully he can keep that up of the rest of the season. Far and away the best player out there.

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