Rainmen v. Royal

As I mentioned before I will be missing todays game vs. the Royal.  Love trumps basketball, sorry. This means following things:

– Since neither Duncan, nor I will be there someone else is going to have to bring the heckling.  This is particularly disapointing since it’s little kid day and someone needs to teach them how to do it right.

– Someone needs to pick my up some of the Peter Benoit trading cards that the Rainmen are giving out today.

– People need to post game recaps in this post’s comments section.  When I get to a computer tonight I will post them in a new entry.

The Herald and the Daily News both did articles on tonight’s game. 

The Herald’s article has one scary as all hell quote:


— Point guard Jer­maine Anderson was still in To­ronto having an MRI on his spine for a pre-existing condi­tion, but is expected in the line­up today.

What the hell?!  Thanks for just slipping that one in at the end, Lucas.

Meanwhilte, the Daily News talk about Kadiri and try to give him a nickname.  They failed even worse than we did.  “Sir Swat-a-lot?”  Seriously?


12 thoughts on “Rainmen v. Royal

  1. Good crowd, officially 2,700 something. Montreal only brought 7 players but at least they were real players and they all played. Cordell Jeante (spelling) is their best player and he made the trip. They did have some solid players out there, this wasn’t another Boston. But still, seven players? Come on.

    Lewis did his “two lines”, and to top it off he played each one an entire quater and alternated between the two. I felt bad for Dennie Oliver; he was suck with a bunch of bums. Benoit has one of the ugliest shots I have seen, but he got it done. He had one awful air ball though.

    Lantrice Green. I like him less every game. WAY too selfish. Anderson is so smart out there; I would play him 35-40 minutes a night and have no problem. He also cut to the rims a few times which I normally don’t see that often.

    Choppy game, but the Rainmen had it in the bag from the start. I don’t blame them for not being as focused as they could be. I can’t wait to see some real competition when Vermont comes here.

  2. How exactly does the “13th man” thing work? (pardon my ignorance as my basketball knowledge is, shall we say, rather minimal). Take the example of Health Promotion Minister Barry Barnet actually getting in the game in today’s last few minutes…if he had gotten points would they have counted?

  3. In the first Frostheaves/Rainmen game in Vermont the Heaves 13th man got in and scored two points. It was brutal, but I don’t think the points actually counted in the end, though I might be wrong.

  4. I actually remember reading about the 13th man getting some quality playing time before. The Montreal franchise (Matrix/Royal) had a few Alouttes (CFL) players suit up and play decent minutes and even put up a stat line. I can’t source any of this, but I remember it fairly well.

    I don’t like the rule, it’s one thing for them to sit on the bench, but an other to have them come in to the game. Looks like a joke to be honest, and most of the time it is. Chad Lucas articulated this much better in one of his past blogs.

  5. The fact they gave the ’13th man’ run was RIDICULOUS…he was a provincial politician I believe, I missed who they siad he was exactly.

    Now, don’t get me wrong – it was obvious he knew nothing about hoops – but he lined up illegally as a defender on the free throw line – AND the ref let him stay there.

    I’m sure it was a thrill for him to saw he was on the floor during the game, but it was BRUTAL to wtach for the final minute of the game, I don’t care if Halifax was up by 20 or not…it was pretty lame.

  6. I would like to see some local b-ballers get the nod for 13th player and actually see them play. It is one of the rules in this league, designed to put more people in the seats. How about the university player of the week be named the 13th man? There are probably some issues with eligibility, even if high school players were used, but there must be some contractual way around that. Why not make it a charity fund-raiser? The 13th player rule can be a positive thing, if it is used in the right way. Even though it is a gimmick. it doesn’t have to bring down the level of play in the game.

    Boy, I hope Mr. Levingston reads this blog. I think there are a lot of free ideas on here that should be considered, especially Chris’s post about marketing.

  7. Good points Phil,

    The Jordan Croucher experiment would have fit under that criteria. I didn’t have a problem with that, I too wondered about the rules concerning present univercity players.

  8. I am not sure just what the rules are, if any, for the 13th man. Manchester recruited a 13th man who practiced with the team a week or two before their last game against Vermont. They have since signed him.

  9. I don;t know if anyone reads these comments after the initial hot and heavy phase after Chris posts them, but here is my latest entry for Kadiri’s nickname:

    The Fortress of Swat-itude.

    It brings to mind Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, a fortress is primarily a defensive weapon, and Kadiri makes those monster swat-blocks. I am thinking this would be more of a nickname for advertisements, rather than one we can shout out during the game. What do you guys think?

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