Old entry about Gwizzlies

So I often write entries as soon as they come to mind and then hit save and go back to whatever else I am doing. For various reasons I never ended up posting this entry that I wrote a few weeks ago. The Daily News reported yesterday that Georgia aren’t coming up due to “passport issues,” here is a post I started 3 weeks ago that I wish I had posted because it kind of predicted where this whole thing was going.


Gwizzlies Still don’t have Pwazzportz

Excerpt from a press release from the Georgia Gwizzlies:

Macon, GA. – The ABA Georgia Gwizzlies, who make their home in Macon, GA, has stated a goal of bringing the city of Macon and Middle Georgia an ABA title, and according to Embry Malone, team owner, “Our team is currently in the process of getting passports so that we can travel to games in Halifax, CA, the Bahamas and Singapore so that we can include them in our schedule with games in Texas, Chicago, New Jersey, California and Delaware. We believe we have a team with championship caliber and are appreciative of the ABA giving us an opportunity to have a pro basketball team. We owe the ABA nothing less than a 100% effort – and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Great. They need to be on a plane flying to Halifax in 3 weeks… and now they have started the process of getting their passports. Nothing can possibly go wrong here. Nothing.

(I sent an e-mail to the San Francisco Rumble last week asking if they were coming to Halifax, like the ABA schedule says… no reply. So it looks like Georgia are on their way! Unless customs stops that.)


One thought on “Old entry about Gwizzlies

  1. The more I learn about the ABA and what I observe as this season progresses, I hope Mr. Levingston is able to take steps to join another league next year. He and the other viable teams in the Northeast and North divisions should approach the NBA Development League, the Premier Basketball League, or the Continental Basketball Association.

    Of these, the NBA D-League is the most attractive choice, and not only for the obvious brand recognition reason. The D-League has no teams in the Northeast area of America or any Canadian Teams. If the 6 teams in the Northeast and North divisions of the ABA could form a new division for the D-League, it could benefit both groups. The D-League would have viable teams who would relish the opportunity to be linked to an NBA team (or two) and they would also expand into a new geographical area. The teams would benefit from increased popularity from association with such a widely recognized brand of basketball as well as the stability that comes along with the NBA. I think a natural NBA team that the Rainmen could be the farm team for would be the Raptors.

    If the NBA is not receptive, then there are at least 2 other options: The PBL and the CBA.

    The Premier Basketball League is a new group of 8 former ABA teams that started playing their first season last week. I think the jury is still out on whether this would be an improvement over the ABA, if only because of the PBL’s newness. I think their growing pains would have to be done before considering a move there. Having said that, if the ABA provides no support to its teams and its reputation is actually hurting financially viable teams (like Halifax, Vermont, etc.), then this might be the only way to survive.

    The Continental Basketball Association is also made up of mostly former ABA teams. This league seems to be very spread out geographically, but again, they have no representation in New England/Atlantic Canada. This year, there was a team in upstate New York and one in Pittsburgh, so even if only some of the ABA teams in question decided to join the CBA, there would be some competitors fairly close by.

    Other professional leagues of note are:
    – the United States Basketball League, which just announced the suspension of its entire 2008 season, because of so many teams folding. So much for that as an option.

    – The new National Professional Basketball League, which starts this spring. This league is apparently based in the northeast United States, with teams in New York state, New Jersey, Connecticut, MAryland, Delaware and Virginia. As a spring league, the schedule for games would probably not interfere so much with Mooseheads games, meaning we could possibly have more weekend games. As we have seen so far this season, the weekend is when people come to the game. The NPBL season is going to be from March 1 to early June. This looks like an interesting alternative.

    P.S. The former ABA Corning Bulldogs — now called the Elmira Bulldogs — will be part of this league. By the way, Corning is a town of 10,000 in upstate New York. It was the smallest town with an ABA franchise. It would be like Truro having a franchise, to put things into perspective. No wonder they only drew 80 people to a home game.

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