Rainmen Lose to Vermont 107-99

I will try to throw some thoughts down later, but I am at Caitlin’s watching Grey’s Anatomy so it will have to wait.   Halifax somehow stayed within 20 all night, and made a game of it in the last 5 minutes.  Terrance Green scored the first 14 Vermont points and Vermont opened on a 16-2 run.



12 thoughts on “Rainmen Lose to Vermont 107-99

  1. Our offense is so disorganized. Why was Crookshank taking a contested 3? He can’t shoot period. He is great down low. Why can’t we run anything where he gets the ball down low? Vermont knows he is a threat so we could only get the ball to him at the top of the three point line. Lewis can’t adjust.

    Why does Lewis let Ferguson take so many jumpers? I don’t mind if he takes an open look, be he takes WAY too many contested threes (where he shoots under 20%), and too many jump shots in general. He is actually a deadly slasher and he can get to the line, it’s just the lack of structure coming from Lewis.

    We have no movement on our offence and look totally lost against good teams. We have a fair amount of talent. Too bad we don’t have a coach.

  2. Not to criticize, as I am a fan, and not a basketball expert…… but even our (VT) radio announcer made the comment that Halifax seemed to “only have one play”.

  3. They see what everyone else sees. You guys are very lucky to have such a great coach. We have the talent to play with anyone, but we don’t have the direction.

  4. Crazy. I thought Huggins was a very, very good guard. I hope someone picks him up (but I hope it isn’t Halifax – he would be our second best guard, but the last thing we need is more two guards).

    Halifax’s lack of an offense is even more frustrating to me than their lack of a defense.

  5. Chris,

    You should listen to inside the ABA, the guest is Jad, not Andre as orginally planned. She says a few interesting things, she was critical of some parts of the ABA and said something that makes me believe the Rainmen are paying some teams to show up. She also really struggles to put together a clear sentance. She sounds sort of slow.

  6. Taken from the OSC CBA forum:

    Current CBA attendance

    Place team reported Total Average
    1. Yakama – 9 – 29,401 – 3,267
    2. Minot – 9 – 12,875 – 1,431
    3. Rio Grande Valley- 7- 8,532 – 1,219
    4. East Kentucky -13 – 15,399 – 1,185
    5. Butte – 11 – 11,241 – 1,022
    6. Albany – 10 – 9,956 – 996
    7. Oklahoma – 7 – 6,057 – 865
    8. Atlanta – 3 – 2,243 – 748
    9. Great Falls – 11 – 5,498 500
    10. Pittsburgh – 15 – 7,294 486

    CBA Total reported attendance: 109,047 CBA Average: 1,148

    CBA attendance over the team’s last four home games. Atlanta is not included.

    1. Yakama -13,646- 3,412
    2. Minot – 5,776- 1,444
    3. East Kentucky- 4,822- 1,206
    4. Butte – 3,916- 979
    5. Rio Grande- 3,791- 948
    6. Albany – 3,735- 934
    7. Oklahoma- 3,113- 778
    8. Pittsburgh- 2,421- 605
    9. Great Falls- 1,750- 438

    Top 10 CBA crowds of this season

    1. 3,691 (Yakama)
    2. 3,628 (Yakama)
    3. 3,534 (Yakama)
    4. 3,345 (Yakama)
    5. 3,261 (Yakama)
    6. 3,169 (Yakama)
    7. 3,156 (Yakama)
    8. 3,005 (Yakama)
    9. 2,618 (Yakama)
    10. 2,508 (Rio Grande)

    Lowest 10 CBA crowds this season

    1. 163 (Pittsburgh)
    2. 222 (Pittsburgh)
    3. 225 (Great Falls)
    4. 250 (Great Falls)
    5. 258 (Pittsburgh)
    6. 291 (Pittsburgh)
    7. 300 (Rio Grande)
    8. 312 (Pittsburgh)
    9. 319 (Pittsburgh)
    10. 387 (Pittsburgh)

  7. Along with other people who watched this game, I was puzzled as to why our mainstay players were not playing in their proven positions. I think Coach Lewis should leave the experimenting to when the Rainmen are ahead by 20-30 points, not when we are playing the strongest team that we have faced. When fans can recognize the individual players’s strengths, why can’t the coach? Our team should have established roles by this point in the season, not still seemingly trying out players in positions to see what happens. Having said that, we desperately need another forward who can drive to the net, not another low percentage shooter.

    As we saw over the past couple of games, rebounds really matter. The game that the Rainmen won by 30 points had probably their highest number of boards, especially defensive, for the year. It was too bad that the Rainmen gave up on the rebounds so much against Vermont, especially since the Frost Heaves are not a team that gives up on a ball underneath the net.

    Why do we completely abandon the chance for a tip-in on errant three pointers? If our guys were shooting better on the long shots, I would see the wisdom on getting back early for defence, but 33% (according to the Rainmen site) on three-pointers does not seem to me to be a high enough number to just let it go and hope for the best. I think Eric should be under the basket to add even more points to his total, he seems to be the best at finishing off shots already.

    While this game was fun to watch, although ultimately disappointing in its result, I would say the brightest points of the double header were meeting the Vermont fans – who were very nice and were trying to convince us to come down to Vermont – and Darrell Dexter’s turn as the 13th man.

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