Busy Basketball Weekend

I’ve got to plow 400+ pages of Thomas Pynchon, articles on the history of sexuality, and 20th century american anarchists this weekend so I haven’t been able to update, but I just checked out a few website while printing off some articles and I picked a bad day to try to get work done:

1) It looks like Manchester and Vermont got involved a brawl. Sounds like Manchester engaged in some cheap shots including a sucker punch in the last minute on Erik Nelson, onen of the nicest ABA players I’ve met. The wheels have totally fallen off of the Millrats at this point and if the league doesn’t step in and hand out suspensions this should be the last straw. Info is available on the message boards: The Frostheaves fans are obviously pissed. The ABA Truthers are using this as another shot against the league.

OurSportsCentral has an article here on it. The Burlington Free Press is reporting here.

This is not this season’s first brawl. In the first week of the season Quebec and Boston got into it. A Westchester/Quebec game was also suspended due to fighting in December, but no explanation was ever given for that event. What makes this game different is that the league’s marquee franchise(s?) was involved and that this was one of the only games that is actually broadcast. You can go to the Vermont site and watch the game online with Realplayer. The ABA can’t just sweep this one under the carpet. A lack of action on the part of the ABA might finally be enough to get Alex Wolf to pull the ‘Heaves out of the ABA.

You can watch the video here. The major incidents appearently happen at 1:06, the 2nd at 1:56:47 and the attack on Nelson at 2:56.

2) Chad Lucas sums up criticisms of the ABA on his blog. He also mentions that a feature about the Rainmen/ABA is coming soon, which should be fascinating stuff.

3) Andre Livingston did not appear on Inside the ABA, instead co-owner and VP Community-Player Relations (what exactly does that job title entail? Oh wait… she’s telling us) Jad Crnograc appeared. I am just listening to it now, but thus far this seems like a bad idea. She does not interview well at all. The “host” of the show (it’s basically an ABA infomercial) totally lobs softball questions at her and she is barely able to answer them coherently. (she says “you know” every fifth word) It’s kind of really painful. I also think that Andre Livingston is a much more interesting figure – he’s got a bit more of a “big shot” feel to him, and quite frankly I think that having a black owner in a city with Halifax’s shakey disgusting record on race relations should really be used in marketing, even if not explicitly. I think we should be proud of having a black owner (while at the same time being ashamed of having such a segragated city).


3 thoughts on “Busy Basketball Weekend

  1. I listened to Jad’s interview. I think she did fine, especially considering the length of the interview. Some of the questions were difficult to answer without completely dissing the ABA and I think she answered them diplomatically. I suspect if someone asked any of us questions for an hour, a few “um’s” or “ah’s” might creep in from time to time.

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