AJ Walling Likes Rainmen

Alex J. Walling’s last two columns in the Daily News have been about the Rainmen.  He seems to be backpedalling on his nay-saying, and to him I say: Welcome onto the bandwagon.

Last week he wrote a column praising the trading card idea that the Rainmen have come up with.

Today he wrote a mid-season report of “good” and “not so good” things the Rainmen have done.  You can read it yourself but the short version is: bad start, bad league, things are getting better.  It’s a decent recap of things, but he did the one thing that I hate about so much ABA coverage:  he totally ignored on basketball elements of things.  Anyway, I am trying to put together a mid-season report card for the team, hopefully I can get something together by Wednesday.


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