Manchester Release Two Players in Wake of Altercations in Vermont

Manchester Millrats Apology

January 14, 2007 Manchester, New Hampshire: The Manchester Millrats extend their apologies to the Vermont organization, fans, and to the viewers of the PlayOn! Sports broadcast, for our role in the incidents that took place during the January 12th game in Burlington, Vermont.

Our organization does not condone fighting or retaliation of any kind, regardless of the provocation(s) that occured.

There have been those who have been very critical of our whole team, and our management, and monikers like “thugs” that have been thrown around recklessly and bitterly. We would like to point out that January 12th was the first fight or even altercation that our team has been involved in this season. Fights have, and will, occur even in great leagues like the NBA. The organization is trying to do everything within it’s power to prevent future altercations.

We have taken swift and stern action to ensure that these types of incidents do not occur in the future, the specific actions are:

*Ife Anosike (#31), who was suspended by the Millrats indefinitely, and by the League for ten games, has been dismissed from the team.

*Ismael Caro (#11), who was suspended by the League for three games, asked for, and was given a release from the team.

*The Millrats have implemented a fine system for our players and coaches that, among other minor penalties, imposes a $500.00 fine on any player who is ejected from a game as a result of a physical altercation.

We understand that the League has suspended Vermont’s Dwayne Lee for one game for his role in the second incident. We would hope that both organizations would take this opportunity to talk to their respective players and coaches, and issue a crystal clear mandate that cheap shots, taunting, and provocations are unacceptable. It is good, clean, hard fought basketball that we should both be aiming for.

We hope that the fans in Vermont, Manchester, and at large will continue to support the Frost Heaves and the Millrats as they bring fast paced, exciting basketball to these New England communities. And we look forward to moving on and completing the remainder of our season as we both vie for the ABA Championship.


The Manchester Millrats Management

For more information, please contact Millrats GM Ian McCarthy at or visit or

Some quick thoughts:
– I really hate how Manchester refuse to accept full responsibility for what happend.  The claims of provacation are weak as hell.  So what if a player was scrappy and trash talking and bumping people out of position on rebounds: that’s part of the game.  Thowing blind side elbows is not part of the game.
– I am kind of shocked that the ABA actually threw down some suspensions.  I am convinced that the only reason that they took action was because the attacks were against the Frost Heaves and because there is video online of the incidents.
– Manchester is 2-8 in it’s last ten and now they’ve lost their starting PG (and one of their two best players) and their back up centre.  I bet that they wish they hadn’t released the two players that they did (one of whom was averaging close to 16.9 ppg).
– I am glad they’re not scheduled for another game in Halifax.  I would hate to decide whether to heckle them about this incident or not.

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