Downey Finally Traveling with the Team!


Local kid Derico Wiggington Downey, who has seen limited minutes in Halifax home games, is traveling with the team according to an article in today’s Daily News.

Guard Derico Wigginton-Downey of North Preston will also join the Rainmen on the road trip, which includes stops against the Montreal Royal on Friday and Manchester, N.H., on Saturday.

My thoughts after the jump.

I am really glad he’s traveling with the team. I was hard on him at the begining of the season, but the guys is four years younger than me and I think he’s been unfairly nailed to the bench this season. He can definitely get better but he needs playing time to do so. I think that this three city road swing might be a chance for him to get some minutes – Williams is gone, opening up space for Downey and legs are sure to be tired with so many games so close together and all the driving. (Imagine traveling in a van when you’re the size of a pro basketball player) Downey’s slashing should be able to help the team, too. The kid is athletic as all hell, he just has to work on his decision making and I don’t think garbage time when the whole hometown crowd wants to see you dunk is when you’re going to improve on that. I think that the Rainmen organization has botched Downey’s development this year and him traveling with the team is a good step back onto the right path.

I also think Derico could benefit from seeing the realities of minor league basketball – cramped vans, snow storms and a few hundred people in a community college gym. Just playing Halifax home games is not a great way to see the reality of the life he has chosen to pursue.


3 thoughts on “Downey Finally Traveling with the Team!

  1. I agree with the slashing and the not only garbage minutes but I hope that the quality minutes do not diminish from the teams over all performance. I think that he has potential but it is hard to develop a young player and the rainmen should be up to the challenge.

  2. I think Dipp has learned a lot, even as he has been watching the game from the bench. I remember one of his first games when he had to be told a couple of times by teammates where he should be on the court as well as one instance when he even seemed to try to help his opponent up after he had fallen. I thought, “What a nice guy,” and/but “This isn’t high school any more, he’s going to have to learn to be more focused,” since the play had passed them by as Dipp stopped to help him up.

    Dipp certainly has potential but I have to think he could be learning a whole lot more about basketball and probably making a better long-term life for himself at some small American (or Canadian) school who will give him a free education to play ball for them.

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