Rainmen defeat Quebec, 116-109

The box score still is up now and the Daily News has an article in today’s paper.  My thoughts after the jump.

  • Halifax really seems to have Quebec’s number.  3 wins in Quebec City.
  • It’s nice to see a come from behind victory. Without seeing the game I can’t say much, but not falling apart when they were down going into the fourth is more than I expect at this point.
  • Crookshank led the team with 25 points, and Green and Anderson both put up 23 points.  We can only win if we get big production out of the back court and 46 points from our PGs is pretty damn impressive.
  • Booyer put up 18 points in 32 minutes which is great.  It sounds like he is going to be a great help.  It will be interesting to see who he displaced in the line up and where he’s playing.  I do think 32 minutes seems a bit high, but he may have been playing great all around.  I am excited to see him in Halifax.
  • Halifax is now 8-11 through 19 games.  They didn’t reach my guess at being above .500 at this point, but I also believed that they were playing the Gwizzlies, not Vermont.  Next up is a game in Montreal tomorrow night where they were embarassed a few weeks ago.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t happen again.

The boxscore only went up this afternoon (most of this entry was written this morning) so here are some new thoughts based off of the stats:

  • Brian Silverhorn and Dennie Oliver both did not play.  No word on if it’s injuries or what but I can’t see Lewis sitting Silverhorn all game.
  • Wiggington started at the two guard position with Ferguson starting at small forward.  Wiggington only played one minute before being replaced and never getting back on the floor.  What a confusing move.  (I am sure there’s some sort of explanation for it but the boxscore just makes it look odd)
  • Anderson played 46 minutes!  I like him playing a lot, but that seems a bit much at the begining of a road trip. 
  • Booyer only had one rebound and appears to have played most of the game at PF, if I had to guess.  I hope he is better on the boards than his first game would suggest.  He also took 7 three-pointers (hitting 3 of them)

6 thoughts on “Rainmen defeat Quebec, 116-109

  1. It’s strange how we can play so well against a team that plaays Vermont tough and is undeafted against Manchester. I am also impressed by the comeback victory. Booyer is a Lewis favorite, but he has a solid resume and 18 points in his first game all is very impressive. It will be interesting to see him in Halifax, he might provide that second option down low that we really need.

  2. Got a question for y’all who have been to Rainmen games…..what caliber of play is it? How comparable to CIS games (or NCAA D1 if you have seen any played) is the comp level? I have played with Jermaine Anderson one time back in Toronto and gotta say he is a cool cat, no frontin or do you know who I am attitude from him.


  3. Early,

    I’d say it’s probably similar to low ranked Division I/high ranked Div. II ball NCAA ball, but the quality of teams and coaching varies wildly from team to team.

    There are guys who play for African and central american national teams running around the league (and of course Jermaine) but also a lot of players who were unremarkable Div. III or NIAA players.

    It’s definately better than CIS, that’s for sure. (however unlike CIS or any other college ball, the coaching is not as high caliber, in part because players don’t have 4 years to learn complicated systems and the like).

  4. Jan18/08
    In front of possibly the largest (but not the loudest) home crowd of the season, Royal top Halifax Rainmen 139-122. After a rocky 1st quarter, the Royal really pulled together as a team to deliver a well-matched game, and forced 2 Halifax players to foul out, although – as permitted by ABA rules – the Rainmen coach opted to keep them on the court.
    Tommy Mitchell lead the team in scoring with a whopping 56pts, including 11-18 shooting from 3pt range. Manix Auriantal added 24pts, Cordell Jeanty 19pts and Denburk Reid 16pts.
    The Royal welcomed back Marco Volcy, still recovered from a prolonged illness. Bobby Miller attended but did not play; he’s out with the flu, but sat on the bench to support his teammates.
    Jonas Pierre is no longer with the team.

    Facebook is the best source of info on their games… Tommy Mitchel is just going off in every game.

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