Rainmen Lose to Montreal, 139-122

Halifax’s inability to beat Montreal at home is just frustrating now.  I like the Rainmen but things like this just make me frustrated as a fan.  The box score isn’t up but yet, but there’s more thoughts after the jump:

– Taken from the Royal fan facebook site: (thanks to Joe for finding this)

In front of possibly the largest (but not the loudest) home crowd of the season, Royal top Halifax Rainmen 139-122. After a rocky 1st quarter, the Royal really pulled together as a team to deliver a well-matched game, and forced 2 Halifax players to foul out, although – as permitted by ABA rules – the Rainmen coach opted to keep them on the court.
Tommy Mitchell lead the team in scoring with a whopping 56pts, including 11-18 shooting from 3pt range. Manix Auriantal added 24pts, Cordell Jeanty 19pts and Denburk Reid 16pts.
The Royal welcomed back Marco Volcy, still recovered from a prolonged illness. Bobby Miller attended but did not play; he’s out with the flu, but sat on the bench to support his teammates.
Jonas Pierre is no longer with the team. 
(note:  The “biggest turnout of the season” was about 400 people)

– From Chad Lucas reports on his blog that

Halifax led by as many as 16 points in the first quarter before Montreal rattled them with a press, and it was a close game for most of the second half until the Royal pulled away in the fourth quarter.

–  These two reports highlight two of the things that drive me insane about the way the Rainmen are built:  first of all, how in world does someone put up 56 points on you?!  Halifax’s lack of a lock down defender at the 2/3 (or even a competent defender at this position) is one of the things that keeps sinking this team.  The second thing is of course the inability of the team to break the press.  For a team loaded with guards we sure have trouble with full court pressure.

–  It was another game blown by playing a bad quarter.  I can’t get over how often this happens.

– Other coverage on the Chronicle Herald website where Lewis says that inside defense and rebounding killed the team… shocking.  I want Lewis to stop telling Chad Lucas that this is  a problem after every game and start fixing the problem in practice and in games.  There is also a brief article on the the Daily News site.

– On a totally unrelated note:  Matt Britner was drafted by New England in the MLS draft last night!  Britner is one of the best soccer players this province has ever produced and a great guy.  He’s had some knee problems in recent years so it’s pretty awesome that he is within a hair of playing pro-soccer.  I played with and against him for years and I was really glad when he decided to take a soccer scholarship at Brown instead of looking for a lower division contract in Europe, and now he has a free degree from Brown and may soon have a pro-contract.  I think there is  a lesson for guys like Devino Williams and Derico Downey there.    I also hope Britner gets back into the Canadian national program.


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