Rainmen Lose to Manchester, 111-112

I couldn’t make the radio broadcast work on my computer for some reason so I didn’t get to hear the game.  But what a disapontment.  This is just Manchester’s second win in 11 games.  Manchester lost two of their better players over the last week and they’re missing their starting centre, Souleyman Wayne, plus they were involved in a brawl in Manchester and Halifax still can’t beat them? What a joke.  Four losses in the last five games for Halifax.  I want Lewis gone.

No stats or recaps available yet, but while I was browsing the Manchester website I found this gem:

Game Preview

The Halifax Rainmen, featuring former 7 yr NBA veteran Sam Mack, visits the home of the Millrats!
Yeah… so he never showed up in Halifax (I wonder what’s up with that) and was announced in a press release back in August.  I can’t believe Manchester don’t even bother to check the other team’s roster before they put that on their website.  Good work, Millrats.

5 thoughts on “Rainmen Lose to Manchester, 111-112

  1. Yeah, why does it seem we are never prepared for any game. We weren’t even ready when the season started and we had about 2 months more than anyone else!

    Lewis sucks.

  2. From manchestermillrats.com:

    “With 36 seconds left in the game, James Booyer made two free throws to give Halifax a 109-108 lead.

    The Millrats looked for an open shot until Charles Mason’s three point shot missed, and the ball went out of bounds to the Rainmen with just 19 ticks remaining. After a timeout, the Millrats forced a turnover on the inbounds pass which turned on the 3D lights. Halifax left PJ Young completely alone under the basket, and he promptly laid the ball in for a 111-09 Manchester lead with just 14 seconds left. Halifax managed to draw a foul, and Blandon Ferguson made both free throws for a 111-111 tie with only 6 seconds remaining. With overtime looming, Al Stewart’s running shot missed, but Rob Sanders collected the offensive rebound, and attempted a put back as the final buzzer went off. He was fouled by Jermaine Anderson.”

    We completely blew the game.

  3. Apparently when the Rainmen played in Quebec against the Kebs there was 850 people in attendance, that’s pretty good for ABA standards. There venue is fairly nice as well.

  4. 3rd Quarter


    4th Quarter


    My camera is not an expensive camera. If you have seen my videos over on the Frost Heaves fan site, you know this already. I try to do the best I can with what I have. Also, check out the play where Ferguson was fouled near the end of the game. I actually thought goaltending should have been called, but it wasn’t. Game started late (7:15 as opposed to 7:05). Only 2 refs to start the game, as the third appeared about 3 ½ minutes into the 1st quarter. One ref was ‘charge’ happy. He seemed to call at least 10 charging fouls.

    My thoughts on the Rainmen…

    I really think they can beat anyone on any given night. I really didn’t see a lot of mistakes from the players. Does the Rainmen coach know what the word ‘substitution’ means? At least twice, two players were seen limping up the court, and not lightly either, and the coach did not send in a sub. This might be the way he coaches, but it does the team no good to have a limping player, let alone 2, hobbling up and down the court. I really feel if he were to sub a little more often, the Rainmen would have more wins than losses. He also sows no emotion. He just seemed to stand in one place all night. The assistants and the players on the bench were more into the game than he was. Remember, this is the opinion of a Frost Heaves fan who has only seen the Rainmen twice (once in Burlington and then in Manchester).

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