Video of Lewis Blowing a Game and Blaming it on the Refs

Isiah Thomas Rick Lewis made a big deal about an alleged phantom call after the whistle in Satirday night’s game.  From the Herald:

The Millrats scored the deciding point on a foul shot after Halifax’s Jermaine Anderson fouled a Manchester player on a Hail Mary pass at the buzzer. Rainmen head coach Rick Lewis said it appeared there was no time left on the clock when Anderson committed the foul, but the officials added a fraction of a second back on after the foul was called.

“Their guy made the first foul shot after that and they ran off the court celebrating,” Lewis said. “It was a tough way to lose.”

Fortunately there is actually video of this game.  Check it out.  At 33:05 you can clearly see that there is a foul, and it is well before the buzzer goes.  Had Anderson not fouled Sanders it would have been an easy putback for him, but here’s my question:  why is it that the other team’s best player/powerforward in the key and the closest player to him is our point guard?  Where was Booyer or whoever else was at PF?  How does this happen on the last play of the game?

Even worse is what happens at 30:36:  The 3D light is on and there is an out of bounds play for the Millrats.  A time out is called and coming out of a timeout the Rainmen somehow lose a man for an uncontested lay up worth three points.   HEY LEWIS:  GET THE TEAM’S DEFENSIVE ASSIGNMENTS SORTED OUT BEFORE YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT THE REFS.

 In addition to the terrible blunder on the baseline inbounds, the game just never should have been this close.  Manchester are severely undermanned right now and were in a huge losing skid.  The game never should have been that close, and Lewis’ inability to make this team succeed in games that come down to the final few posessions is embarassing.


One thought on “Video of Lewis Blowing a Game and Blaming it on the Refs

  1. I noticed the same thing about the fact there was a timeout and we still did not manage the opposing players. That is a big coaching mistake.

    Imagine how the players must feel, losing like that. I would feel pretty angry and frustrated. How long before the players start doing their own thing on the court, regardless of what the coach says?

    Watching the video shows how professional the Rainmen must appear to the other teams, considering there are a couple of hundred spectators in a university gym. Note that they actually have cheerleaders too!

    Opposing players must be impressed when they play in Halifax, compared to the other venues in the league. They are probably even more impressed when they can outcoach the Rainmen, even if their own coach can’t make the game (which has happened).

    A good club like the Rainmen organization needs a coach to match. Surely we can find someone who can tap the potential of our players?

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